Area Code 856

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Area code: 856
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
20, Apr. 2018

This sounds like a real person as they stop talking if you interrupt.

Just me
19, Apr. 2018

Been calling for a week, today finally left a blank voice mail.

18, Apr. 2018

When this number called no one answered at the other end. It is interrupting my work day!

17, Apr. 2018

This # called my cell phone. A man left a message making it seem like he was a friend of mine, in the message he called me by name and said he was reaching out to say hello because we hadn't spoken in awhile.

17, Apr. 2018

Caller asked to talk to whoever was in charge of the credit card machine. I told her we are not interested in changing. She said it's not about changing and insisted to talk to my boss (she knew his 1st name, easy to find). I asked what company she's with. She said Secure. I asked, your company name is Secure? Said yes. I told her that we have a company that we use and we are not interested in any changes at all. She was pushing to talk to Joseph, my boss. I told her that he's with patients and she abruptly said she'll call back and hung up.

13, Apr. 2018

This caller has called our home 2 times per day for two weeks.

13, Apr. 2018

First received a call from this # on 5/29 @ 6:32pm when I informed them I was on the DoNotCall list and asked to be removed from their call list.

13, Apr. 2018

I am on the DO NOT Call List and am tired of the harassment.

12, Apr. 2018

This was listed on my phone as a Wireless Caller.

10, Apr. 2018

Today was the first one and at 8:45 a.m.!

10, Apr. 2018

The caller ID is shown as _Unavailable_.

10, Apr. 2018

stated he was from the small business association, and then continued o inquire if i have a life insurance policy

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