Area Code 856

Additional information:

Area code: 856
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
21, Oct. 2017

This number calls my phone 3-4 times per week for months.

21, Oct. 2017

I have a answer machine so I do not pickup.

20, Oct. 2017

They ask for my son, and we tell them he doesn't live here anymore, but they still keep calling.

20, Oct. 2017

calling for ashely taylor who had this number 4 years ago.

18, Oct. 2017

Continue to get unwanted calls from this number, it is a recorded message at first.

18, Oct. 2017

she never acknowledged that she would do so.

17, Oct. 2017

This is another, yet another senior citizen scam for grocery coupons and/or security.

17, Oct. 2017

This number left a voice mail message that was over 2 minutes long - the entire thing was a bad recording with 70's "porn style" music in the background.

17, Oct. 2017

The consumer hung up on him.

17, Oct. 2017

Im not sure because it was recorded if this is a company or a person but I don't want them calling me.

17, Oct. 2017

Message was I am eligible for Medical Alert and $3000 in food/groceries coupons.

17, Oct. 2017

I receive a call today 10/16/17 she ask for me I said speaking then she told me I filled an application out for a million dollar sweepstake I ask where are you located she said nj I told her I have never heard of this company and I never applied for any sweepstake so she hung up.

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