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Phone number: 855-969-4636

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"ECN Community"

Reported 20, Jun. 2012.

used by municipalities to get information to citizens

Reported 5, Sep. 2012.

Is a reverse-911 message to help locate missing man with dementia

Reported 23, Aug. 2013.

From city police dept. saying they are looking for a man with a sword that is responsible for burglaries in our neighborhood.

Reported 31, Oct. 2013.

This is used to tell citizens about law enforcement activity going on in their neighborhoods. this is very useful if there is a armed or dangerous person they are looking for.

Reported 25, Jan. 2014.

didn't leave a message don't know who this is.

Reported 3, Jul. 2014.

This is the Code Red system used by your local emergency agencies to advise of weather alerts, missing endangered people, etc. In most cases you have signed up for the service and, if you do not wish to receive the calls, you will need to contact your local emergency agency and ask to be removed.

Reported 6, Jul. 2014.

b******s have called over and over so sick of it 4-5 calls a day and they let the phone ring for long periods of time at each call I have no dealings with them and don't know who they are and don't care who they are. If it wasn't for my internet service I would rip the phone out of the wall and throw it in the trash can. These aren't local emergency calls I am getting they are all from a long distance number and I did not sign up for any services of any kind!

Reported 14, Aug. 2014.
anonymous also

Calls repeatedly and never leaves message on answering machine. I agree with the post above me... total Bull Sh*t. I have a family member in the hospital in critical condition and don't need this harassment. I haven't signed up for any such services and DON'T APPRECIATE THE CALLS!!!

Reported 25, Aug. 2014.
anonymous too

This needs to stop ! None of the comments already made applies to our phone. We do have a listed number looks like we need to change this! It rings again & again.How rude & insensitive, we don't answer period.

Reported 29, Aug. 2014.

Called but left no message. Thanks to the other comments, I will block this number. Thanks

Reported 17, Oct. 2014.
Charles Williams

I received a call at 2:20 PM on February 10, 2015. The speech was very fast and said, "for a repeat, press any key on your phone"". I pressed the number 5 and was immediately disconnected.

Reported 10, Feb. 2015.

Calls repeatedly. No message left. Rings long time. NOT emergency, never signed up any such thing! Getting pissed....

Reported 3, Mar. 2015.

It's an alert from the City of Hallandale regarding Town Meetings, Festivals, etc. I don't live in Hallandale, so it's very annoying to get looooong messages constantly occupying my mailbox.

Reported 8, May. 2015.

Message from local police advising that due to high school graduation there would be heavy traffic in the area. Useful call.

Reported 12, Jun. 2015.

Rings all the time, never anyone there. Want to find person responsible and murder them.

Reported 15, Jun. 2015.

6 calls from 10:23am-11:00am

Reported 16, Jun. 2015.

They called me 5 times and let all of the calls ring for long periods of time. Finally when I was available and answered it was a recording. Half of it I couldn't understand because it was like they were talking in a bubble. I am getting tired of these calls.

Reported 25, Jun. 2015.

Supposedly notifying that they are working for town assessor to "assess" everyone's home outside AND inside where pictures will be taken for about half an hour. Organization says it has license numbers for each inspector (big deal) and they will have a badge. Whose business is it what the inside of my home looks like or has. Complete privacy abuse. Sounds like a federal program to me.

Reported 30, Jun. 2015.

AND an abuse of the municipalities EMERGENCY SERVICE.

Reported 30, Jun. 2015.

Got a call from my city utility with this # advising me that there were reports of fraudulent calls demanding payment and threatening immediate disconnection. Useful information

Reported 17, Jul. 2015.
None Given

It's another scammer using a program to autodial people and annoy them.

Reported 28, Aug. 2015.

missing bot

Reported 1, Sep. 2015.
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