Phone: 855-849-1984

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 62% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
There has been a total of 8 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "I have about 10 calls from them, I will not call back., conversion outsourcing"
Former Citizens Customer
28, Nov. 2012 Reply

The phone number is a harassment tactic by a debt collection agency called Conversion Outsourcing. They called me over a week ago about a bogus "debt" from Citizens Bank. I informed them that it was a mistake and that I had closed that account not owing anything, having already made deposits that covered any and all charges before account closure, and that the bank should not have charged me. Conversion Outsourcing calls from 855-849-1984 and only lets it ring once and hangs up, or if you pick up there is dead air. They do this once per day, sometimes twice, for the purpose of harassing the supposed "debtor" and enticing them to call back. If you call back, it can be used to confirm your identity for the purpose of debt collection. Best course of action is to ignore the calls and do not call back. It's a really creepy, underhanded ploy that utilizes purposeful harassment of the supposed "debtor" to try to skirt anti-harassment debt collection law.

24, Mar. 2014 Reply

do not call back

27, Mar. 2014 Reply

they also call from a number in New Haven CT. the number is 203 937 2891 and when you pickup, they don't tell you what kind of company they are.

6, Feb. 2015 Reply

different # 866-377-9075 from Convergence outsourcing asking for family member. Would not identify when specifically asked if this was a collection agcy. Numerous calls, varied person's names on other end. have been asked many times to remove this # and make no further calls. completely disregarded.

2, Sep. 2015 Reply

I called this number back 1-303-968-1290, and she said her first name was Virginia and I asked her from where and she said she was calling from CONVERSION OUTSOURCE, INC. When she called us, I answered and they just hung up. She also said did someone call you from this number and I said no, but I will check with the BBB, and find out who you all are. And I hung up.

25, Nov. 2015 Reply

I have asked to be removed from their distribution list and make no further calls, they completely disregarded my request. Conversion Outsource, Inc. has been harassing me and my family I would like them to stop. They are using numbers in your area code. They called me from 469-265-3076

11, Dec. 2015 Reply

It came from 773 area code not this one you are commenting about... BUT My phone rang and I answered it. The recording asked for me to confirm who I was. Then I was placed on hold and when someone answered came to the phone and asked me what my phone number and address was. I asked them who they were and they said conversion outsourcing so if you dont want the answer the question goodbye and hung up on me. It was from a 773 area code.

17, May. 2016 Reply

The calls are from different numbers and always a different name no idea what they want except money for what I don't know.

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