Phone: 855-786-0638

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 54% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 11 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Dawn Wheeler, 855-786-0638"
Bonnie Lamb
1, Sep. 2012

Calling my family members leaving saying it\'s Miss Heffron, Case #629831, claim filed. No other information.

18, Jan. 2013

Called asking for my nephew. Then gave a case number, saying they were going to move forward with case and it was being moved to Garland County. Don't know how they got my cell #.

5, Feb. 2013

Left a message at my step-children's home. This message is for Christina XXXXXX this is ms.(?) Catherine with the offices of NRS. Calling regarding case number 735836. At this time they are moving forward regarding a claim that was filed here in the office. They are looking to move forward at this time to Arlington County and I can be reached here at 8557860638. First, why are you calling my step children's phone? Second, I work for the Govt. I can easily be found? Third, never went by that name living in VA. This is jacked up.

10, Oct. 2013

My sister got a call from this number with a case number about me. Has anyone tried calling it back?

12, Feb. 2014

Caller claimed to be Scott from the office of NRS looking for me regarding case #756833 filed against me and needs to talk to me or my lawyer at 855-786-0638.

26, Feb. 2014

Said he was from the office of NRS and gave a "case number" complete scammer.

20, Mar. 2014

Called with a case number to advise claim was being moved to Kings County (I live in King County, so she was close...) Didn't return the call.

28, Apr. 2014

Ms heffron calling me my husband sister and daughter threatening to send me to Broward county!! Who are these people??? Anyone know ???

17, Jun. 2014

Ms. Heffran called my cell phone and my brother's home and cell phone saying I needed to call or have my attorney call her back cause they are moving forward with case #. If they were moving forward why didn't I receive anything in the mail saying something. I believe this is a scam for a debt collection.

1, Jun. 2015

They keep calling me under the number of +1 (716) 201-1491 looking for someone else. I send them to voicemail Everytime and she always says something about a case number being sent off to the county in which I live in and leaves this number for me to call. I looked up the number that I keep getting calls from and no results showed up so I looked up the number she's wanting me to call and this is it. I'm under 18.

Paul S
16, Jun. 2015

This is a fake attorney threat scam. Please report this call to the Attorney General of your state within 24 hours. The state of Florida has flagged this scam and is warning senior citizens to be cautious. The caller is not an attorney and is not capable of practicing law in any state in the United States. The owner of the scam is purchasing identity information from County Services. If you were to go to the health department you would need to submit the information the scam owner needs to try and con you. They call 500 people a day and they get at least one person each day who is willing to pay with a credit card to make the problem go away.

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