Phone: 855-552-9932

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 42% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
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Latest people reported the number as that of "Julie Smith , Robin 888 863 9125"
17, Oct. 2013

told my daughter he was with the sheriff department and they were gonna pick up her terminally ill father if he did not call them back. Gave her a case #

20, Nov. 2013

They Told me they where going to have the police come to my house and arrest me. They alleged that they represented a company in a civil suit and that I had to pay them or make arrangements threw them on this suit other wise I would be placed in jail.

9, Dec. 2013

Called my step daughter on her cell phone for a 10 year old debt that has been sold and resold to collection agency. I have no idea how they got her number. The debt is in a previous name since I have remarried 5 years ago.

16, Dec. 2013

My daughter got a call from a woman named Alina, says she was from Consumer Locating Services and that I had 1 hour to return her call so that because the Sherrif had some lawform paperwork to give me. And gave her a case number for me to give when I call in. Should I call? I have been served in the past from a collector, but it was a plain clothes person, not sherrif.

18, Dec. 2013

they called my property management asking them to contact me and some other person - I have no idea who that person is and they left a case number. If they are so interested in reaching me, why not call me directly. One piece of advice … do not call me again.

19, Dec. 2013

Is this them? R & J Consulting Firm 26025 Newport Rd. Suite A-469 Menifee Ca. 92584 PH: (855) 552.9932 Fax: (877) 720.6051

Erica Wilson
30, Dec. 2013

They keep telling me i need to pay them money or go to jail for a old phone bill that i know nothing about

8, Jan. 2014

Somebody in New York called me with a case number and told me to call this number in California... So I did!!! They said I owe money to them for a credit card I never had!!! No letter in the mail or anything!!! YOU B WILL NOT GET A DIME!!!!! I will file suit on them if I get bothered one more time,,,, I looked into it and I can do that!!! BITE ME!!!

15, Jan. 2014

An old neighbor of mine actually received a phone call saying they were looking for me. Claimed there was a civil law suit against me for an old phone number that I had shut off years ago.

22, Jan. 2014

Left a message at my husbands workplace

Almost Got Me
29, May. 2014

I got a call from first 347-298-5411 saying I was being sued and needed to contact R & J consulting they gave me a case number of BR2374 and told me to call 855-366-5231 when I called they verified info including my current and last 3 address and knew the first 5 of my social after I told them the last 4. they said sprint was suing me for a debt for 2002. said they sent me letters that I never received. but when they asked for my credit card to pay the debt I told them I would not do that over the phone. I googled their name and then their address their website looks good but the address is for a UPS store. tried calling the number on their website and it does not receive incoming calls. check BBB under their name and found 5 complaints and finally found this site and others reporting them as a scam. Thank goodness for the internet and sites like this and thank goodness I did not give them my credit card info. Ripoffs do seem to be getting more sophisticated these days. sounding so official and real. Never give a credit card on the phone is my motto. and always check up on who is calling you before allowing yourself to be taken to the proverbial cleaners.

Almost Got me
29, May. 2014

I also check the statute of limitations for debt collections in Calif where they called from it is 4 years and in my home state it is 5 years I wish I knew this before verifying my info with them. now they know it is correct and can share the info with other scammers still glad I did not give out my credit card info. the person who called even told me a story of a woman who was fearful of them being scammers and offered me an opportunity to talk to his supervisor several times. How do people like this get so much info about you. I know my address is listed on the net in several ares as I do own a business but my social is not on public display. I did have an account with sprint many years ago but as far as I know it was already paid in full.

6, Jun. 2014

Michael A McDonald 1050 Wayne Ave Apt 11 New Smyrna Beach FL 32168 (386) 410 4017 x*x-XX-4130 You should retire from being an internet detective and maybe then you wouldn't be getting sued!!

10, Jun. 2014

says she is from the firm and they have a civil suit on me for a phone bill that was discharged by a company that was sold 20 years ago......glad i found this site...figured it was a scam....cannot get money from a discharged debt especially if the debt is 20 years old and the company doesnt exist any more...

10, Jun. 2014

I got a call telling me to call this number as well. What disturbed me was they used a name that I have not used in over 10 years. I am so grateful for google because now I know that I am not the only one this is happening to.

12, Jun. 2014

This is a scam they called my husband saying that he owed money for a phone bill in 2002. They knew his address and everything. Do not pay these people they will tell you it's going to be a civil suit it's a lie

27, Jun. 2014

Says a "process server" was attempting to serve me with "suit papers" and that if I didn't respond they would be "serious repercussions" .....yeah OK, whatever. Tell it to somebody who doesn't know any better....this is a collection agency that purchases old, bad debt & they make money by getting unsuspecting folks who don't understand the collections laws to respond to them, then they intimidate & threaten you with law enforcement or some other ILLEGAL action. DO NOT confirm any info if they ask you to but rather tell the to confirm TO YOU what info they have on file for you (more than likely they won't do that & they get frustrated) Also, Tell them YOU ARE recording the conversation for possible suit against them with the FTC & will be sending the conversation to your state Attorney Generals office for further investigation.....that should get them out of your hair. Good luck all.

2, Jul. 2014

I was left a message on my phone regarding a civil lawsuit regarding something and was left a case # and told to call back this number 855-366-5231 and told to call back in a few hours or days or I would be served with legal papers. I called and spoke to a Bill Hudson in Litigation., He verified info he had on file with me, down to my social #. He said it was for a phone bill over 9 years ago, and I was served a letter in the mail over 48 days ago. I never received this mail. I never have received anything!!! He then said I would be turned over to a lawsuit if I didn't agree to pay it over the phone immediately and give them my bank account information. They have given me until Monday July 7, to respond. I don't give out my bank information to anyone over the phone, I don't care who they are!!! Go ahead and sue!!!

7, Jul. 2014

same thing happened to me said i owed a debt and to call this number which i was then told i had a legal law suit against me and i to received no letters just prank calls

17, Jul. 2014

Got a call on my cell for my daughter. No idea how they got my number. Gave the same 855 Number. When she called they wouldn't even tell her what company they supposedly were calling for. They asked for her last four of social and when she refused to and only would give them the file number he hung up on her

IC3 WakeUp please
31, Jul. 2014

This scam has been calling me non-stop DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION. They are phishing, and will sell your information and/or take your money if you give them your CCard. If you get a call from them report to and if enough people complain, maybe they will actually earn some of my tax dollars and do their job. I actually gave them the number to IC3 as my call back. ha.

1, Aug. 2014

Told me I owed GE Capital had all my private information ie SS#, cell phone number, address, prior name. Said I owed over 1000.00 but agreed to take 228.00 for releasing a lien and keeping the Sheriff's Dept from serving me with court papers. I foolishly set up a payment with them before I investigated them for the first of the month. Upon my research I found this site and immediately cancelled my ATM card. When they called to find out what happened with our payment agreement I informed them that I knew they were scam artist and if they bothered me again I would report them to the FCC. So far no further calls!

7, Aug. 2014

That happen to me just a few days ago, said I had a bill that was 10 years plus old the call was from rj consulting then I had a prosess server calling saying they will contact me 3 times if I fail to comply I would be labeled as failer to be served through the courts

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