Phone: 855-420-2623

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 37% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
There has been a total of 8 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "didn't give one, Ameriloan"
4, Sep. 2012

the guy that called was very rude and told me i was very vage to the info i was giving. there is nothing in the rule books that states that i have to give the info that is being asked if the person is asking for my husband. the person that called did not give is name or company. I asked for the info and he would not tell me and said that my husband called him and i asked if there was a number to have him call back. He will be reported.

6, Sep. 2012

It's AmeriLoan - I asked for proof of the supposed loan to be sent to me via US Postal Service so I could see it. He said they couldn't do that - I said probably because they would be committing Mail Fraud if they did. I called Veritech - a State Funded Company that can verify if there are any outstanding PayDay Loans, etc - I have NONE - I explained this to the "gentleman" and I use the term loosely - and he said I do have a loan - I said they were going to have to prove it to me then. He hung up. They still call and call and call.

9, Nov. 2012

Got a call, no message left. I've been getting calls on my cell phone from these people for over a year now, apparently whoever had my cell number before me had a debt with them or something. I keep telling them repeatedly that they had the wrong number, but they keep insisting I must be the person they're looking for - I guess because we're the same gender?? I no longer answer their calls - I just block the new number they're calling from after I find out (on sites like this) who they are.

12, Jan. 2013

just got a call from this number. was a very rude man that didn't speak very good English and told me I had a loan that I hadn't paid back. I ask for him to sent my a copy of the loan and proof that it was in my name and he told be I was dreaming thinking that I was get something like that from their company. Said I did not have any type of loan out and would not give him anymore info and for him and his company to quit calling me. they have been doing this almost every day for the past several weeks.

20, Feb. 2013

I owe nothing-they are getting nothing and I can be twice as intimidating if I so choose!

3, Apr. 2013

yea I had paid a loan off that I got from them almost 2 yrs ago and now they are starting to call me again and they are saying that I didn't pay them and then when I sent them the proof that it was paid off the guy said well it must have got lost in the mail and I had to pay again.. yea right I told his I will not pay nothing else to them. and the bad thing is tooo is that them jokers don't never stop calling and they call like every other hour 5 days aweek

13, May. 2013

Ameriloan....what a bunch of idiots. Trying to collect on a loan that was paid in full over a year ago!

Ms J
15, Apr. 2014

They indicated that they were going to visit my place of employment to serve me with a summons. BS!!!!! It's against the law to leave recorded collection messages and leaving in the message personal information. We attempted to call back and husband got through and when confronted the guy hung up. It's also a woman calling.

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