850-237-4859 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services".
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Around 12% of people reported it as "Unknown"
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6, Dec. 2013

They call, as soon as I answer they hang up.

11, Dec. 2013

call comes in, if you answer there is nobody there. If you don't there is no message

17, Dec. 2013

Calls and hangs up. If you call them back, it says "you have reached a number that has been disconnected or no longer in service."

10, Jan. 2014

I get the same call from this and another number everyday. Sometimes there is a message left saying something about my credit card(s) but never mentioning which card(s) or who they are calling from .....HOW CAN I MAKE THEM STOP???

13, Jan. 2014

Had my phone# in DONOTCall still these B* call. And as per the law, they should have been fined several thousands/millions of $$ for violating the DONOTCall registry. But it seems these crooks have deep root with the lobbyists that this law is never enforced.

15, Jan. 2014

Pitch: Credit Card Reduction Company: Credit Card Services (many names are used) Below are details of the companies used by the registered owner Kimberly Marie Coarse. Kimberly has a long history going back to at least 2009 in this behavior of deception. The details below is the paper trail left behind. Offender: Kimberly Marie Coarse (Website/Business Owner) Email: businesswoman8884@gmail.com Social Sites: myspace.com/kimmarie2326 -- www.facebook.com/kimmarie0126 Current Address: 14508 Michener Trl Orlando FL 32828 (House is blurred out in google maps) Parcel #: 08-23-32-1037-02-010 Rental Unit: Owner Castro Steven : 63 Fountainhead Dr Apt 205 Westmont, IL 60559-2419 [Companies - Validated sunbiz.org] The Green Power Group, LLC - Florida State ID: L13000053783 Address: 728 W. ave #188 Cocoa FL 32927 USA / 14508 Michener Trl Orlando FL 32828 Phone: 888-580-7979 (busy signal) Email: sales@greenpowersales.com Premier Marketing International, LLC - Florida State ID: L12000051527 2472 LAKE UNDERHILL ROAD SUITE 127 ORLANDO (PO BOX) / 14508 Michener Trl Orlando FL 32828 Auto Guardian USA, LLC. - Florida State ID: L12000027885 14508 Michener Trl Orlando, Florida 32828-6460 First Priority Solutions LLC - Florida State ID: L09000047914 631 BROOKHAVEN DR, ORLANDO, FL First Class Resorts International LLC Florida State ID: L09000067566 151 Crown Colony Way, Sanford, FL 32771 (Kimberly's Prior Home Address) Premier Services Plus LLC - Florida State ID: L10000129326 12472 Lake Underhill Road Suite 127 Orlando, FL 32828 (Kimberly's Prior Home Address) [Websites Owned] financialsavingssolutions.com premiermarketinginternational.com greenpowersales.com premiermarketinginternational.com EFFICIENTENERGYBOX.COM financialsavingssolutions.com THEGREENPOWERGROUP.US Known Associates: William (Bill) A. Meagher - www.facebook.com/bill.meagher2 Rafeal Fernandez - 631 Brookhaven Drive Orlando Fl 32803 - 407-276-5155 (Owned Premier Services Plus LLC) Prior Home Addresses 1044 Chatham Pines, Winter Springs, FL 32708 (407) 699-2128 1108 Castle Wood Apt 208, Casselberry, FL 32707 (407) 695-2682 14421 Paradise Tree, Orlando, FL 32828 (407) 440-8534 (Shared with Bill Meagher) Mailing Locations 2472 LAKE UNDERHILL ROAD SUITE 127 ORLANDO 1969 S. Alafaya Trail Orlando FL 32828 5703 Red Bud Lake Roadb Suite 367 Winter Springs, FL 32708 [Phone Numbers Used/Spoofed] - Known Thus Far 860-822-7440 731-498-4058 517-705-1117 302-234-8558 281-825-4439 765-998-4712 416-364-1111 631-665-8769 503-543-5471 731-203-5870 406-980-2030 416-364-1111 620-504-7452 850-237-4859 [Technical Webhosting Data] - FOR ALL SITES ABOVE Hosting Company: Endurance International Group DNS Provider: Netfirms.com IP address: Site Owner: Kimberly Coarse Address: 14508 Michener Trl Orlando FL 32828 A little about the information posted above. This has taken quite a bit of time to collect. All the information is publicly available, such as WHOIS, Florida State Department, and Zilliow to name a few, This person has a long history of creating new businesses and using them for credit type scams. This has been going on since at least 2009. In addition person also move around quite a bit but has stayed within the Orlando area. There is a high use of UPS stores for a PO BOX. Generally one is used within proximity of the current home address, many have been used. There has been a solid effort to make connections between all of the sources and types of data. The person behind the companies is certainly the same, yet there remains a question if person Kimberly Marie Coarse on facebook is in fact the same person. On facebook she indicates a friend by the name of Bill Meagher. This is important because one of the addresses listed for several of the companies was 14421 Paradise Tree Dr Orlando, FL 32828 owned previously by a William A Meagher, Bill is often used instead of William. It would seem unlikely that this is not the individual, how many people could be in Orlando Florida with the name of Kimberly M. Coarse associated to a William (Bill) Meagher? It could be possible that Kimberly's identity has been compromised. Although this seems unlikely as individual would probably need legal documents from Florida State Department, and such documents would be mailed to a valid address. I mention this because a few of the legal documents from 2009 had to be physically signed, there are PDF/TIFF documents singed by her that are available from sunbiz.org. What is interesting is that signatures are different, and sometimes different enough within the same document, this would indicate possible fraud. Letters to the FCC and other government organizations have not been fruitful. Hopefully at some point a agent of the government will see these posts. There is plenty of information here to begin an investigation. Simple inquiry into Kimberly's IRS tax filings should be enough to confirm the data provided. Subpenas to her banks, 800 providers, and internet service hosting companies should yield enough information to start litigation.

16, Jan. 2014

Many thx to advisor!

Kimberly Coarse
5, Feb. 2014

to anon/mjones2373 or whoever else: First I would like to clarify, I am not n. mathers...as you seem to be replying to them as if they were me. I gather this because once I looked on here I saw the message from n. mathers which explains why the email you referenced above that you sent me was entitled failed detective. lets go back to the first communication you sent me on Dec 22 from a text me number with the same tag line (mjones). in this message you were referring to an accusation of previous sexual partners of mine (that was not accurate like most of the information on here), in which you called me vulgar names and said due to your "suspicions" of who i was with you were going to make it your mission to destroy myself and my businesses. Around the same time people started getting these phone calls and began calling my company, emailing and calling my cell phone very upset stating that I was the one calling them. After researching my name several people came across this website where a list of numbers was posted in connection with myself. There has been information posted regarding current or previous businesses I have owned, old business partners, a landlord, 800#'s..etc. You have recently emailed me after thinking that n. mathers was a post put up by myself, with pictures you took from my instagram of a basketball game i went to on Jan 26th. You stated that I was the worlds dumbest criminal and that i made the case a slam dunk after sending the pics to the judge. If this is not someone with a personal vendetta against me then I don't know what is. I had no choice but to reschedule my court date due to a previous arrangement in which I absolutely have documentation to back up, however as I said in the email, I would have rather not waited that long to postpone it. Those tickets were also purchased for my sons birthday and to have someone use that and make it seem as if i avoided court to go party in miami is up surd. you have made it clear that you will stop at nothing to destroy me by any means possible however the one thing you do not have on your side is the truth. Allow me to address some of these accusations and clear up the questions that so many have after I have been framed for this scam: do i have a previous arrest record? yes. I was arrested for petit theft when I was 18 for stealing a shirt from the mall. a young and dumb mistake. was i arrested for disorderly intoxication when I was 20. another young dumb mistake. lets now dive into my business/professional background, which the people on here with real concerns are interested in. YES, i have worked in the telemarketing industry for YEARS. Not the most glamorous of businesses to say the least and I have met some really awful people in the business. I did sell the lower interest rate program approx 7-8 years ago. agreeably, this service can be a tool to take advantage of people HOWEVER, I was never associated with such an organization even though I know they do exist. This is when I met the man you are referring to as Pete Wright. We did in fact have a "relationship" however it was a mistake on both parts and ended. Everybody makes mistakes, I am human, and I am also grown enough to admit to mine. I never intended to hurt anyone and am remorseful for doing so. Moving on....I then started a fulfillment company with William Rivera. For those of you who are not familiar with the terminology, what I mean by fulfillment center is the company that actually provides the service to the people who are sold by telemarketers. (some of us actually do try to help people). Basically, once a telemarketer makes a sale, they often use a different company to actually do the customer service and provide the service to the people that were sold. I owned that company for about 2 years and then decided to shut it down and begin on my own. And NO, I never had anything more than a business relationship with Mr. Rivera. Currently I own my own fulfillment center, again, providing customer service and servicing clients. What we do to be more specific, or did prior to 11/25, is actually schedule the appointments with one of our advising staff for them to try to meet a guaranteed savings to each customer. Based on their current debt and interest rate, we guarantee to save them a certain amount in interest and finance charges through several different methods. If we cannot save them the guaranteed savings we refund their money in full. Can we help everyone, absolutely NOT! But those that we cannot we refund. One thing that any of the sales rooms I have ever worked with will tell you is that our refund rate is one of the highest they have worked with and this is because we DO NOT rip people off and if we cannot benefit them we return their money. Does this mean everyone is happy all the time, NO....go to the BBB and look up Wal-mart or any other organization and you will see several complaints. One thing you will notice about our complaints is that we take the time to reply and satisfy almost 100% of them. Unfortunatley it is true that many people out there take advantage of consumers trying to make a quick buck but my company has several check-points and restrictions to try to make sure people actually have the possibility of benefiting from our service, such as age limits, debt restrictions and so on. As for my recent arrest: I was actually leasing the front part of an office of mine to a telemarketing room. This room was raided due to not having a license. Because I was the one on the actual lease I was arrested and charged as well. I was originally charged with Owning/operating a sales room without a license (which has since been dropped) and also employing sales agents without licenses, which is now employing or affiliating with an unlicensed sales room. I have nothing but respect for the justice system and Im sure they didnt drop a charge without doing their own investigating first. Since this has happened and "someone" texted me saying they would stop at nothing to destroy me and my businesses people began getting these harassing phone calls. The person who is doing this is trying to make it look as if I am operating as a sales room and sending false evidence and getting people to complain to the state departments in hopes of it crippling me in court, in which i look forward to. These sites are usually a great tool to find out who is harassing them or about recent scams however it has now been set up as an instrumental vehicle to try to sabotage me and hurt me at whatever cost. To those of you being called and harassed by these people: Many of you have emailed me or even called me or my company and I have spoken/responded to several of you explaining what is going on. Please keep in mind that when you call back the numbers that show up on your caller id's they are not working, the people who you speak to when they call you eventually hang up on you, they keep calling you. However when you call my customer service numbers, a representative speaks to you, tries to explain what is going on, gets the numbers that call you and any other helpful info so we can turn it in to the proper authorities. I myself have spoken to several people who have called angry and upset. I have had death threats, been called every name in the book, even had people come knock on my door....WHY would I continue doing something that has not only put myself but my son in danger. As my sister said, theres no amount of money in the world that would ever be worth what i have been going through all over a personal vendetta. I want to know the person doing this just as much as everyone else. I myself have contacted the authorities and told them what is going on and given them the phone numbers.....WHY would I do something like that if they are linked to me? As mentioned above, I have listed my HOME addresses for many of my businesses, simply because I have never had anything to hide. I am actually one of the only or very few people even on here that is posting under my real name. If you want to know something else about me or my businesses I am requesting that the person behind this reveal yourself, meet me face to face and lets get to the bottom of this and your motivation behind it all. Anybody who has been contacted by these people, please help me find out who is doing this and lets stop them. Thank you, Kimberly Coarse

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