Area Code 848

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Area code: 848
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
22, Feb. 2018

Harrressing every day on my cell phone. I have texted back that this number is and will be reported to my local Tom's River Police Department and hopefully this no gets fined and jailed

21, Feb. 2018

I get calls twice a day!

19, Feb. 2018

At one point I called the number back after the third time, there was a recording with an option to be removed from the calling list.

17, Feb. 2018

Can you tell me how I can get off their call list once and for all?!

16, Feb. 2018

same carpet cleaning company

13, Feb. 2018

what is point of do not call

6, Feb. 2018

They are evil and flaunt the law.

5, Feb. 2018

I've reported several of these already.

5, Feb. 2018

Recording with intro and nothing else.don't know what the company is or what they do.WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS LIST?

2, Feb. 2018

we get recorded calls from "Ann of Account Services" under different phone numbers, so availing ourselves of the automated opt out function is of no use.

31, Jan. 2018

848-200-0414, called our place of business twice. hung up on me the first time, then called back. refused to speak clearly.. i thought he was a client for a split second. i asked him not to call back again. hopefully they don't. so annoying.

31, Jan. 2018

Card Services is now using local numbers to call people so they will answer.

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