Area Code 847

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Area code: 847
State: Illinois
Country: USA
22, Aug. 2017

847-915-4039 called but then hung up after 2 rings. I'm guessing that they have an automatic dialing computer that makes these calls and automatically hangs up if their "answering que" is full and all of their operators are on the call with others when you answer. Too bad these guys cannot be put out of business due to annoying calls... Very annoying

17, Aug. 2017

RUDE pushy lady wanted to talk to owner about comed bill. I tried to tell her we are not interested and she persisted. I asked her several times who SHE was and she avoided answering. She finally hung up. Beware and I hope they get shut down!

10, Aug. 2017


10, Aug. 2017

Calls my phone 5 times every day I blocked it but my phone still rings once calls at 7:30 every morning and continues throughout the day . Very annoying seeing that I am handicapped.hard for me to answe the phone .

9, Aug. 2017

These people are so annoying. I have received ATLEAST 20 calls from them over the past 2 days. Sometimes they hang up right away. Sometimes I can finish my sentence before they hang up. Never an acknowledgment of the fact that I want to be removed from their list.

29, Jul. 2017

Called me too but no answer of course

26, Jul. 2017

I just called the number back and gave them a bit of their own medicine. They are ambulance chasers looking for lawsuits against faulty medical devices. I stroked the guy on the phone for close to an hour before they hung up on me. It was fun.Hey people, give it back to them and waste their time.

19, Jul. 2017

Legitimate number from Snap On Credit

19, Jul. 2017

They called twice but leave no message

12, Jul. 2017

Called every day for past several days. I do not answer.

10, Jul. 2017

Called and left no msg.

9, Jul. 2017

I doubt the robot would listen, either!

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