Area Code 847

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Area code: 847
State: Illinois
Country: USA
11, Dec. 2017

I answered after they called twice. Calling about my vehicle's extended warranty. I told them that I had requested no further calls the last time someone called but it does no good.

10, Dec. 2017

This time, I was unable to answer and it went to my voice mail.

10, Dec. 2017

He then wanted to know why i did that and I said I would talk to the supervisor again and straighten it out.

9, Dec. 2017

Claimed they were AT&T with a promotion. I don't think so with a NOT IN USE Caller ID. Not going to listen to any phone telemarketing regardless. The Do Not Call list is good for nothing! Pissed at AT&T anyway that they can't offer more spam blocking for regular landlines, only for internet phone.

9, Dec. 2017

Exact same VM I received on 11/18/17. Call came from NJ number 201-579-9458, directing to call 847-886-0033.

9, Dec. 2017

This number 847 426 9209 has called and left message 2 times on Nov 3 and Dec 4, 2017. The voice from caller sounded same but he definately sounded like middle eastern. The calls were supucous and I didn't call back because I know no bank services will call customer from a mainland number. Lol SCAM SCAM SCAM ... those people need to be sent to he'll for their bad thoughts. Below is the recording message that to show all of you. "This message is for Nick and Troy. My name is Tom winter(?) calling from Chase Card Services in regards to your recent inquiry. Please call back at 888-489-8452 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST Monday to Friday and 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST Saturday and Sunday. I will also be sending you a letter to confirm the reason for the call. Thank you. "

9, Dec. 2017

Repeatedly told caller I wasn't interested in their product (alarm system) but they continued to try to sell the product.

8, Dec. 2017

Recorded voice saying I won 400 dollars.

8, Dec. 2017

They have called for my wife and me by name.

7, Dec. 2017

Caller ID said Fifth Third Bank but caller said she was calling about Medicare. Caller ID scam

7, Dec. 2017

Once they call multiple times in one day or call multiple days, they are harassing.

7, Dec. 2017

3 calls in 3 days, last one 2039 hours, hundreds of complaints on 800n0tes

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