Phone: 847-426-9209

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Dundee, Illinois
Its exchange 426 is managed by ILLINOIS BELL TEL CO - IL
The number is currently on switch number EDNDILDUDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 36% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 11 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "DID NOT GIVE OUT THAT INFORMATION, None given"
12, Mar. 2013

Called me 3 times Feb. 20, 2013, Feb. 23, 3 times Feb. 27, two times Mar 2, Mar 12 early in am. No message is left. Who are these people. Grrrrr.

9, May. 2013

Today is 05/09/2013. as of 9:25AM they have called 5 times since 05/04/2013. Have left no messages.

16, May. 2013

5/16/13 Just got a call - STRONG East Indian accent - said I had $180 past due on my Chase card. Only problem - my Chase card hasn't been used in months. It was hard to understand him, and I finally cut him off by saying I would check with my accountant. He kept saying this call was being recorded for training purposes - and I think I interrupted his flow and thoroughly upset him!

31, Jul. 2013

I'm a receptionist and I have been receiving these annoying calls for weeks! It's getting worse with every passing day. Majority of calls are: The caller, heavy East Indian accent, is asking to speak with an employee. I say we don't have that person here - they ask for a number and I tell them no. Just last week I ended up telling the a*****e to "F" off and said I would report him. No call from that guy - but I'm sure I'm getting his buddies. I hate people like this. Please be aware these are scam calls and NEVER give out ANY personnal information!!

5, Aug. 2013

called 7/29/13 9:14am and7:18pm 7/30/13 8:03am and 2:51 said he was from chase needed info over do amazon told him i am on don't call list don't call me again has called 8/4/13 10:58 am 4:39 pm. and 6:59 pm scam thing to get credit. card. i turned in complaint next Illinois bell telephone to put stop to this also India acsent

30, Sep. 2013

Received 3 calls today asking for a Jeff Robinson. Told them have wrong number and hung up.

30, Sep. 2013

Received 3 calls today asking for a Jeff Robinson. Told them have wrong number and hung up.

The Swerve
21, Oct. 2013

I received a call from this number at work today asking about someone I had never heard of. I confirmed with them that they had the right place (a particular department in library).I found out from a co-worker that she used to work here in the same position I do now, but that has been about four or five years ago. I transferred the lady, who had what we thought was a Filipino accent, over to my co-worker. He was super suspicious about it. She said she was representing Chase bank and needed to get in touch with this person and needed her new phone number. My co-worker told them that they are asking for too personal of information and basically shut the conversation down very quickly. It was a good thing he did too after reading all of the other complaints on this number.

24, Feb. 2014

SAID HE WAS CALLING FOR UNPAID CREDIT CARD BILLS THAT I HAD NOT USED IN 4 MONTHS and were above the limit on that card when I did have it

25, Feb. 2014

Irritating people, Thank goodness for call reject.

24, Dec. 2014

This number has called me 17 times in 3 days, I don\\\'t answer and they never leave a message, I get calls from New York and California numbers right after that too.

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