Phone: 847-388-7435

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Mundelein, Illinois
Its exchange 388 is managed by BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
The number is currently on switch number EKGVILAADS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 23% of people reported it as "Recorded Message"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Donate Your Car, donate you car"
5, Mar. 2014

Charity asking for donations

6, Mar. 2014

Didn't take the call, never do. Thank goodness for caller ID. I won't give them the satisfaction.

8, Mar. 2014

they state they are from "Act of Valor". I'm unable to find any information on this charity. Either a scam or a very poor charity that shouldn't be supported. If they were legitimate, then they would be easy to find and one could see how their money was allocated to veterans.

22, Mar. 2014

Report the call to the authorities.

4, Jun. 2014

This caller needs to be reported to the Illinois States Attorney. I have tried contacting a REAL PERSON to only get vmail. WOULD NEVER DONATE TO THIS POS!

10, Jun. 2014


19, Jun. 2014

ACT Of Valor 7932 Cooley Lake Rd Waterford, MI 48327-4408 (248) 779-7502 Wants your money allegedly to do what we pay the government in taxes to do- administer mental health care to our returned mercenaries..

29, Aug. 2014

They have call me over 10 times in the last 3-4 months AFTER I requested to me placed on their do not call list YOU CAN PRESS 9 DURING their recorded message OR you can press 1 to speak to a rep. Today I pressed 1 and when a REP answered I told him that they have called me over 10 times in the last few months DESPITE me pressing 9 (placed on do not call) Before I could finish the rep Call me a F'n A-hole and a few other choice words then hung up. I called back and he started swearing again then hung up - I CALLED AGAIN and got VM so I left a message. NO CHARITY would ever respond in this manner SO I CONCLUDE that these calls are a SCAM to STEAL cars and ARE NOT HELPING ANYONE but themselves

20, Oct. 2014

They have called us countless times -- when we try and call back the number is busy. The Act of Valor address and number is the same as : Medal of Honor "Charity" Waterford, MI This name Medal of Honor Charity is also used by Travis Peterson of Ephraim Utah who runs an outfit in Henderson Nevada-- an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal from 2012 says they are not a tax exempt charity. The article references the Michigan Medal of Honor Charity - and the woman running it who claims she's not associated with them.However --- I cannot find Medal of Honor Charity or Act of Valor Charity located in Waterford, MI in the IRS database for tax exempt organizations. I am sick of these calls and disgusted that they misrepresent themselves as helping veterans.

2, Dec. 2014

I got few messages from 847-388-7435; I was asked to donate: property, car, boat etc. Because replaced our cars last year I called at this number to ask to stop calling for my car donation – I left message only. Quickly I got a call from 847-312-1769 when I started to explain that my cars too new for donation the man from 847-312-1769 (no mane was given neither name of charity organization was presented) said “we are helping American people” and was rude, he stated yes you should donate it – oops Camry will be nice donation to them. After that I listened it the message again: on caller ID was “donate your car”, no name of the organization was given. Seems to me it was closer to crime than to any charity organization.

4, Dec. 2014

tell me how to finde them so i smke hem lik saucage my hole famly on poleeze we wil smke them

10, Feb. 2015

will not adhere to any fcc rules . says for you to press 9 it be taken off , then two weeks later same call . this guy has been begging me for years now. will not stop and laughs at you as he hangs up or talks loud so you cant speak to him . police next my be a court date will stop him..

8, Apr. 2015

Will Not stop calling - I want to be removed from their list.

28, Apr. 2015

wants my car f u creep

29, Apr. 2015

I reported then to the FCC but, naturally, have heard nothing. Attended a scam program today and asked a cop what to do. He said to Google them; which is how I got to this site. Called 847-312-1769 -- which is number I got, above. It seems to be private residence with someone on machine saying, 'hi, it's Allie,' then laughter. Don't know what to do...

1, Jul. 2015

I receive repeated calls from this number. It shows on my caller ID as Donate Your Car. The calls come daily at different times of the day. When I try to return the call, I get the message "your call cannot be completed as dialed."

15, Jul. 2015

They are calling my house at least 3 times a week. PLEASE - I beg of you - stop calling me!!!

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