Area Code 845

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Area code: 845
State: New York
Country: USA
25, Apr. 2018

Tried to call them back - no results.

25, Apr. 2018

Four serious allegations pressed on your name at the moment. Call back within 48 hours or we will take legal action....but they did say please/thank you..xD

25, Apr. 2018

First the guy said his name was Troy. Called from Spring Valley, NY 1-845-579-0004. Said he was from Microsoft and my computer was logging very bad errors -- it must be infected. I asked him if he was one of those computer scammers pretending to be from Microsoft. ;-) He said no, he is Microsoft Technical Support and want to help me. I asked if he was going to try to get remote access to my computer. He said no. I asked if he was going to charge me for his technical support. He said no. (Right!!). He then asked me to run Event Viewer and look at the critical and error entries in the application log. I got bored and said I was at work and needed to call the IT guy. He then argued with me about why I was going to pay an IT guy when he could help me. Told him it was the company's computer. He then said when I get the IT guy to call him back at 241-1234 -- and when I asked his name .... he had to ask someone else who said Troy!!! I asked him if he forgot his own name and he said he was the manager Justin Fox and Troy worked for him. Dirt bag scammer!

25, Apr. 2018

Called offering tech resources, claims to be preferred microsoft vendor

25, Apr. 2018

call several times a week.

24, Apr. 2018

They said I paid 300.00 two years ago and if I don't cancel his by connecting to there website that they will deduct 1500.00 from my account in 15 minutes. Then he hung up.

24, Apr. 2018

Will call back several times in a row,and leave no message, as if they are intentionally bothering me.

24, Apr. 2018

because they do not say anything when I answer.I have asked the party to stop with the calls and they still continue.I feel this is teetering on bullying!

24, Apr. 2018

Calls several times a day - will not stop

24, Apr. 2018

But, before you can get the complete sentence out they hang up on you.

23, Apr. 2018

Whoever they are, have called 4 days in a row. I call back and leave a message to have them stop calling me, but it falls on deaf ears, as they called again 2 more times.

Truckers mom
22, Apr. 2018

Be warned if you block the number they will call with a different number the first the first number they call me from was the 386-227-1437. They called several times off of that one. I blocked them so they call me off of this one the 845-379-1612. Now I block them from that one let's see what number they come up with next.

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