Area Code 845

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Area code: 845
State: New York
Country: USA
11, Dec. 2017

I know for a fact no credit card is going to give you 1.2% interest.

10, Dec. 2017


9, Dec. 2017

on 10/31 I received 4 more calls same message different numbers each time.

9, Dec. 2017

A live person said that they were calling about extending my vehicle warranty.

9, Dec. 2017

Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam/spam anyone that responds!!! Flag as spam!!!

8, Dec. 2017

I have attempted to tell them to stop calling but the call is always lost before you can complete the sentence.

8, Dec. 2017

Do not want to call back as some scammers charge for calls you place to them.

8, Dec. 2017

Very rude caller. I asked him politely repeatedly to take us off their calling list, and he kept on asking "do you know why I am calling?" without acknowledging my request. Appeared to be a call from overseas maybe calling center.

8, Dec. 2017

Craigslist Scammer posting fake ads to scam/spam anyone that responds!! Flag as spam!!!!

8, Dec. 2017

These people call almost daily and you can not even get them to talk to you to stop it.

8, Dec. 2017

They claim to be a charity, but they are using bully tactics like the mob.

7, Dec. 2017

"James" from "VT Support in Bloomfield Hills, MI, called saying my computer was generating errors. I already know this is a scam so I play along. He reads me my CLSID and says it's unique to my computer (no it isn't) so I'll know he knows it's my computer. It's common to all windows computers. His number is listed as Manhattan, NY, not Bloomfield Hills. I told him I was away from my office and he gave me the number 845-363-6555 to call back once I was at my computer.. The number he called in on was 313-241-0525, which is not recognized when you call back.

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