Area Code 845

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Area code: 845
State: New York
Country: USA
25, Jun. 2018

Wanted me to call number back for details woman's voice

25, Jun. 2018

this company said i can press 9 for do not call.

22, Jun. 2018

That number keeps calling me

22, Jun. 2018

Reported to “IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting” and “FTC Complaint Assistant”

22, Jun. 2018

Lady stated name was Sami Jones - IRS Federal Agent - badge number IRM602. Claiming IRS audit from 2012-2016 and 4 charges related to tax evasion and tax fraud. Complete scam...

22, Jun. 2018

It said they had been trying to contact me for 6 months with no response and a case had been filed under my name by the US Government for fraud. Such a scam they even threatened my family.

22, Jun. 2018

these people call every week when I call back they hang up on me is there anything I can do?

22, Jun. 2018

They call from unknown numbers over 5 plus times a day.

22, Jun. 2018

it was an automated message trying to tell me I have 4 warrants in another state that I've never even been to... and telling me to call him back at the 845-445-074. in other words these companies are using an automated message system to try and get you to call them back instead of them calling you verbally so that they can harass you and try and get money out of you that you don't owe for stuff you never did.

22, Jun. 2018

I got the same as everyone else on here. Funny thing is I work for a tax office and you can not even work for this company if you haven't paid your taxes or any kind of fraud so I had fun and called them back. I acted all scared and what I need to do and of course they wanted me to pay by phone. Then I told them what company I work for and how could I owe taxes. He hung up fast. LOL

22, Jun. 2018

I received this call (845-445-0741) saying I owe the IRS and will be arrested if I don't pay. So I went to my Boss and told him about it. We work for the Internal Revenue Service so we got a laugh about it. But it is not a laughing matter. There is no such agency as the Internal Revenue Department. IRS stands for Internal Revenue SERVICE.

22, Jun. 2018

Fuzzy broken message saying I will be taken into custody. BS threat.

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