Phone: 845-764-9444

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Newburgh, New York
Its exchange 764 is managed by OMNIPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
The number is currently on switch number PGHKNYFAX2X (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 27% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 44 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "All About the Baby, ALL ABOUT BABY"
27, Dec. 2012

calls my number at least 5 times a day and doesn't say anything. when i call back it just hangs up. STOP CALLING

27, Dec. 2012

I reported these scumbags to the FCC. You guys should too. Here is the link to report harassing phone calls: I wish these spammers go out of business and go to jail.

28, Dec. 2012

Please if you can do anything, please tell the owner to stop calling my number. I have received 9 calls in the last week. My number is listed on the do not call list.

29, Dec. 2012

Received a call today from this number. No voicemail was left. 1st time we have received this call. Unsure how to report it.

29, Dec. 2012

The number just called me today at 8:00 pm. No voicemail. No call back.

31, Dec. 2012

Called me at 10:48am (Central) - I didn't recognize the number - no message was left..

31, Dec. 2012

When i talked to him it was for a baby company giving away free stuff. Asking for my information like home address and such.

2, Jan. 2013

Called me six times today, the first time I answered and they didn't say anything. So I stopped answering the calls and a lady asked for me by name on my voice mail which was very weird.

3, Jan. 2013

I don't know who it is or why they are calling.. they never leave messages, and I don't answer but they call me at least 3 times a day...

4, Jan. 2013

leave me alone...

4, Jan. 2013

Just reported this number to FCC.

10, Jan. 2013

this number calls me all the time during the day/night!

18, Jan. 2013

I saw a post mentioning "free baby stuff" and I remembered I had received a call a few days ago and taken a message for my boss before this annoying beep-beep in my ear bagan. (I knew it was a scam but got a return number out of them when I acted as if I'd have my boss call them back) If you call 845-559-3436 you will get a live person...I asked them to remove our number. So far, so good... By the way, they simply answered hello...not a business, unless it's the business of ripping people off. Hope this helps!

alternate number for a live person
18, Jan. 2013

Call will get a live person. This is the same "business".

22, Jan. 2013

Who is it??? Its very annoying though

24, Jan. 2013

keep calling my number and when i answered two beeps and then hang up... my husband called back and the lady keep on with her pitch... kept cutting him off. umm dont know who this is ,but please STOP CALLING!!! thank you..

24, Jan. 2013 6 calls from this number in one day, each time as a hang up or no answer until the last one. Something about baby stuff - told them to remove my number.

30, Jan. 2013

Calls 4 -5 times per day and no one is there. Stop calling!!!

31, Jan. 2013

I called them back. I kept asking the lady to take me off their list. She wouldn't stop talking about their baby stuff and how I'm on their list. They knew my first and last name. Creepy!!!

4, Feb. 2013

I have been calling them back and after the music and someone finally answers, I yell into the phone, "Stop calling me!" Of course I block my number from showing up for them when I call. It's fun to give a little back to them :) Makes my Monday.

4, Feb. 2013

Just started with 3 in a row.Never leave's a message.

7, Feb. 2013

This number wont stop calling me!! I call back and there is nothing but silence on the line?? Take me off your creepy list!!!

21, Feb. 2013

Ugh they called me then literally 2 minutes later, they call again everyday in the morning while I'm in a class!!

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