Phone: 845-263-1278

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New City, New York (263) exchange.
Around 33% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 18 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "UNK, MITCHELLE SHAWN"
18, Mar. 2014

this numbe has called my cell 5 times already today so I finally answered and the person was from India, Pakistan or somewhere and told me (when I finally figured out what they were saying!)that I had signed up for free grant money. I told them that I had NOT and to take my number OFF their list and never to call me again. I'll see what happens.

27, Mar. 2014

They have called me twice and the 1st time I answered and no one was there. The 2nd time I did not answer and they didn't leave a message. Probably a scam.

27, Mar. 2014

They just called my house and did not speak... Tried calling them back and nothing... Definitely a scam....

29, Mar. 2014

they said they were from the federal government. I hung up

31, Mar. 2014

calls several times a day. i called back and the foreign guy was stuttering , telling me about some government grant i applied for. i never did. trying to get info. i hung up. the same number called twice before talking about my windows computer has viruses and has been hacked because of spyware. and they can fix it if i give them access to my computer online. i told them i dont have a computer . he hung up.

1, Apr. 2014

they called me and hungup

3, Apr. 2014

I spent 20 minutes on the phone last night when this number contacted me. I knew from the beginning that it was a scam, but I enjoy s******g with these kind of callers. I questioned the man with a foreign accent so much, that he put me on hold to get the manager. I asked him where his office was located and he said Washington d.c. , but he was calling from new York. So, I asked him what part of town he lived in. He paused for several moments as he was muttering some words with the other guy and he said 1441 Read Road. Bronx, New York. This address does not exist. I then asked him what time it was in new York, and he paused for several moments. He then said it eastern time (I live in eastern time zone). So I asked him what time it was. He paused as if he were trying to do some research, and I said why cant you look at the time on your computer that you are sitting behind right this very second? Or do you not have a computer and your calling me concerning this \"Government grant\" of $25,000 for education. He finally spit out a time , but the poor man was an hour off :(. I told him that I felt bad that he forgot to spring ahead his clock a month ago. He finally hung up on me. BEWARE! He says he is calling from the U.S. department of human services , and he wants to collect $250 for taxes on the $25,000 grant that is \"free money\" for your student loans!

23, Apr. 2014

This site is a scam using an automated dial/detection machine. It dials your number either from a list or randomly based on a telephone exchange listing & typically listens for a response word like \"hello or hi\". When it hears its trigger word, it connects you to a person. Some are set up to connect on \"hello or hi\" & some are set up to connect on any noise input. Most of these sites are illegally \"spoofing\" someone else\'s phone number so you can\'t call back & harass or report or physically locate them. Some are in the US but most are somewhere else in the world. That is why they have not been shut down.

30, Apr. 2014

The caller named, Prince, said that he needed to collect $100 for a prescription ordered by my son. He said he needed to speak to him and wanted his credit card number. When I asked what the prescription was for, he said 'Viagra'! I called my son to ask him about it and he was incredulous! He had never heard of them and wondered why they were calling at my number where he hasn't lived for 10 years! BEWARE!!!

21, May. 2014

Called my house 6 time in one afternoon, exactly an hour apart. I didn't answer the call but searched the number on line. That number has been reported as an on line pharmacy, trying to collect money for Federal Grants, want to take over peoples computers to fix viruses. From everything I've read they're worthless trash trying to steal money from honest people. Don't answer their calls!

31, May. 2014

they said they are an online pharmacy

21, Jan. 2015

I receive anywhere between one to 3-4 calls DAILY from this "Pharmacy" trying to sell me in expensive ED drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra). I have tol;d them if they contine to call I will pursure legal action but what cam I do?? They keep calling!!!!!! I also get some "unknown" calls and calls that simply say 365-3635. What do I? I have had this same cell number for alomst 20 years and have no intention of charging it. HELP!!!

Vancouver, WA
12, Feb. 2015

This number has called me several times, they never leave a message. My voice mail, Says: I am on the national Do Not Call" before anything else and still they keep calling. I am sure its a scam but don't know how to get rid of them

Vancouver, WA
12, Feb. 2015

Calls made to my home have shown this number with this name.

Hal Herrin
26, Feb. 2015

Shows up on my phone as the above name. That is probably incorrect but I asked what they wanted...finally after several seconds, they guy told me it was about prescription drugs...I told him I never bought any from anyone in NY...he said he could get them cheaper for me...I told him that my neighborhood drug dealer could also and then proceeded to tell him if he ever called me again from any number (because I was going to block this number) I'd hunt him down and shoot him right between the eyes! He hung up right away!!

Casper WY
26, Feb. 2015

Broken language male, states he is "pharmacy" I have asked to quit calling, asked for a supervisor, and have called back on hard line to be hung up on. NOW they are calling twice a day to my business cell line. enough is enough.

20, Mar. 2015

said it was a pharmacy asking if i wanted viagara or cialis or any medication of this kind. i gave him a hard time and he tracked my address via my phone number. he said i couldn't track his number. he said it is in New York City. beware.

3, Apr. 2015

They called me about 3 times and finally answered saying it was a pharmacy. I asked them to quit calling and they called me a b***h. I hung up and now they keep calling and won't answer.

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