Area Code 843

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Area code: 843
State: South Carolina
Country: USA
17, Aug. 2017

I stated above that the call type was unknown because I have the SAME woman calling and leaving the EXACT same message on my machine from 6 (YES S~I~X) different numbers so DAILY I am getting around 6 to 20 (YES TWENTY) calls from these same six numbers and the female just says "DEBORAH... DEBORAH are you THERE? Hellllooo' This has been happening for the past 5 months (YES FIVE MONTHS)' The number that is noted here she claims to be from the United Breast Cancer Charity BUT she also leaves the SAME message DIFFERENT NUMBER FOR EACH and it shows up on caller ID as SURVEY, Consumer Help, VOIP Caller. Autistic Child Charity. and LGI. Then there are these three other numbers that shows up on caller ID and the name is the same as the number However these do not leave a message at all so I can not be certain these three numbers are her BUT they started calling at the same time these "CHARITIES" did and I haven't answered these calls yet to actually speak with this woman like I did the others.. She was rude and kept trying to get me to give her my credit or debit card number to donate RIGHT then. I explain I do NOT in any circumstance give personal information over the phone. she sounded touchy and rude THEN I said "If you mail me the information and I can verify you are a legitimate charity then I may IF I have money I can spare, THEN she attempted to get me to tell her HOW much I could GIVE and I said I do not KNOW if I can donate ANY at this point So... She kept pushing and I said "Fine if you are a valid charity after I verify I will attempt to donate $10 THEN she tried to get me to say $50 or at least $30. we NEED the FUNDS she said. I agreed to $10 so then she said she had to let her supervisor know and have it approved as a future donation. She "Transferred me" to her "supervisor" who sound suspiciously LIKE the same lady. Who ask me if I was willing to donate and I said yes if you are a valid charity. She said I understand so if I can get your debit or credit card number we will get my donation that would help sooo many in need. I said I am not giving you my credit card number. She said well DEBIT is fine. I said NO explained to her the previous comments and THEN she wanted me to just go ahead and give her the numbers and she would post date it AND if after I got their information to prove they were a charity that it would be all set up so I wouldn't need to do anything farther BECAUSE they knew how valuable my TIME was... so she ended up sounding extremely mad and the call ended. THEN I got another call just about EVERYDAY for two weeks and spoke with her several times and she attempted to get me to post date it. I am not not answer the phone at all and letting my caller ID note how many times these 6 possibly 9 numbers are calling me. SO DEFINITELY a scam I just do not know who to file a complaint with to get it stopped.

Julia C
10, Aug. 2017

This is a SC police fraternal organization seeking donations. I'm a single mom with a child in college, so they can count me out! 😂

10, Aug. 2017

Has called about a septic tank cleaner.

1, Aug. 2017

calls often and back to back--3 times in a row, no messages

28, Jul. 2017

Called me three times, one call right after the other, I declined all three calls. Got a voicemail from a pastor, saying have a blessed day. Could have been a legit wrong number.

13, Jul. 2017

Calls all day long 843 267 6123, 843 267 7301 843 267 4432 843 212 6981 843 267 4031 843 267 2308 843 267 2273

13, Jul. 2017

This keeps callings saying that I spent some time at their resort and they want me to come again. I can't go back to some place I've never been..

10, Jul. 2017

joe said he was calling about medicare and then asked my age

10, Jul. 2017

Phone rang but no one on the line

9, Jul. 2017

I have reported this phone # several times, and I'm still receiving calls.

9, Jul. 2017

Robocall on landline that asks you to press #1 if you are interested and then hangs up as soon as I request Do Not Call.

8, Jul. 2017

only nine didgits showed up on my phone

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