Area Code 832

Additional information:

Area code: 832
State: Texas
Country: USA
27, May. 2017

She hung up before I could tell her not to call me again.

27, May. 2017

I have my credit union and get a much lower rate than they can provide.

26, May. 2017

I was almost taken by this until my son made me aware that this was a scam...

26, May. 2017

Offered to reduce my (non-existent) student loan.

26, May. 2017

Trying to get me to sign up for a credit card.

26, May. 2017

The caller said his name was Jack Barner.

25, May. 2017

call was to tell me i had won something. i hung up after "congratulations

25, May. 2017

This was a local number in my area.

25, May. 2017

I do NOT do business with anyone in area code 314.

24, May. 2017

We suspect these calls may possibly be some type of scam.

24, May. 2017

I also suspect that they may put me on a do not call list from one phone number and then just call me again from a different number.

23, May. 2017

They're claiming my chase debit card has been locked. I don't have any chase accts at all and when a bank does call about issues with your acct it would be a live person. When I called back it was the same recorded message. When you don't respond they disconnect the call quickly, I'm guessing just in case they've reached a law enforcement official.

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