Area Code 832

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Area code: 832
State: Texas
Country: USA
26, Sep. 2018

I have asked them to take me off their list, but they continue to call.

25, Sep. 2018

He said he was calling to help me due to a lawsuit that was filed against me and that I would be arrested if I did not respond.

25, Sep. 2018

They said my computer is "infected" and offered to "fix" it. I hung up, but they called back again

25, Sep. 2018

They call daily with a recorded message.

25, Sep. 2018

I got a call from this number looking to purchase my dress on craigslist.

25, Sep. 2018

i call the number back and they cop attitude and insist to speak with my mother.

25, Sep. 2018

I answered the 2nd call from this company and told them not to call me anymore, and that I am on the Do Not Call Registry.

24, Sep. 2018

NOTE: . - it's some Mexican lady talking and I can't call them back in order to tell them to stop calling me

24, Sep. 2018

The number they call to leave a message is 8644120821 and when I call it says its been disconnected.

24, Sep. 2018

also called 5:48 pm, 12/3/2013

24, Sep. 2018

When I answer the phone there is no one there no recording, no click, but the call does not end unless I hang up.

24, Sep. 2018

Call has come in from a few other numbers as well.

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