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18, Jan. 2018

Each time i asked to be taken off their list the Rep.

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20, Dec. 2017

This is work number, not a home number.

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19, Dec. 2017

Even on the week ends

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17, Apr. 2015

this number call all of my children also. Said it was a bill from 2004.. Very rude on all calls.. Has to be SPAM

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11, Jul. 2014

This number has called me twice and when I call back, it says it's disconnected.

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1, May. 2014

this call came in right after another spam call in which I had picked up and immediately disconnected. I will also file a complaint against that number next. I think it's somehow associated with some company.

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13, Jan. 2014

This number call at least two times a day. No one on the line, calling back just gets a recording. no one to talk to.

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7, Jan. 2014

They call 5 or 6 times a day. When I answer the phone, no one respondes. must be a robo-call. this has been going on for weeks. I can not keep jumping up for the phone.

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3, May. 2013

Was a recording for some company and I had to press #1 to speak to a person to notify them not to call again.