Area Code 828

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Area code: 828
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
18, Aug. 2017

The color called my phone didn't say anything but I can hear in the background people of a foreign language speaking in tongue I kept saying hello hello hello when I put them on mute to continue to listen to the garble they got wind of it and then decided to stay on the phone with me I then hung up called Verizon who is my cell phone carrier they in turn check the number and found out that they are scams that these folks are trying to do on folks as computers Android devices so on and so forth no point blocking the number because they will call from a different computer-based number and when you try to call back the number is automatically no longer in service they obviously realized they got one smart cookie meaning me because I work for the Attorney General's office so scam ease if you are reading these messages in regards to your scam operation haha try not calling me again

17, Aug. 2017

I've gotten hundreds of calls from Forest City, NC. All spam.. No Call List is useless. I've turned hundreds of numbers in online. They call back.

11, Aug. 2017

In a deep voice stated something about having video of me sterling and when I went to ask a question he told me to shut up so I hung up

3, Aug. 2017

It seems to me it is a scam or a telemarketing call, but I have had numerous numbers with the 828-585 or close to those beginning 6 digits call and also an 828-4 something number do the same that it seems disconnected when returning the call. Avoid them or answer to see that they say then come back and let us know.

28, Jul. 2017

Received several recorded messages from this number, which claimed to be a credit-repair service company called Lexington Law. However, searching for this number along with the words "Lexington Law" turned up no hits, so I assume it wasn't really them.

25, Jul. 2017

I do not answer any more to unknown phone call s

8, Jul. 2017

I have received three phone calls from this number with the last 3 days, leaving recorded messages about voting.

8, Jul. 2017

This number is a scam.

3, Jul. 2017

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30, Jun. 2017

has called 4 times in last 2 days. hung up when i did not answer.

25, Jun. 2017

It left a voicemail of what I thought to be rain.

22, Jun. 2017

I think it's EOS CCA calling. I didn't pick up, think it's bill collectors. If I don't recognize the number I never pick up.

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