Phone: 828-459-6051

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Claremont, North Carolina
Its exchange 459 is managed by BELLSOUTH TELECOMM INC - NC
The number is currently on switch number CLMTNCMARS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 29% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 68 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "smiONE, semlOne account"
31, Jan. 2014

I've received the same text message 2 days in a row, but I've ignored it. Today it was an "urgent notification." Right. I'm going to report it to Verizon and ignore any more messages.

31, Jan. 2014

Received a text from [[smiOne]] with urgent notification to call 828-459-6051. I did a Google search of the number and found this site.

31, Jan. 2014

Texted my and my wife's number today. Called from work phone and got a busy signal.

31, Jan. 2014

Received a urgent notification via text to call number listed. When I called the recorded message asked me to verify my account including the last 4 digits of my social security number.

31, Jan. 2014


31, Jan. 2014

Possible scammer????? Left a message that they needed me to call it was urgent. Did not call because I didn't recognize the ID name. Called on my cell and my husbands cell about the same time, several times using 3 separate numbers each time.

1, Feb. 2014

Beware! a scam, I called but hung up and they still managed to charge against my credit #. Just closed my out my card and bank said they will cover charges.

1, Feb. 2014


1, Feb. 2014

Received a call from smiONE Urgent Notification to call 8284596051. It is not the first time I have received this message.

1, Feb. 2014

this is a scam, my 18 year old single mother of a 5 month old little boy has fell victim to this scam. She is is young and had no naive so had no clue that it was a fraud. Nonetheless she went to withdraw her money that she had been saving on her card today and realized the money had all been stolen. I have since received the information as to where the card information was used. Not sure how they are doing it but they are obviously changing the information on the cards somehow and using it.

2, Feb. 2014

Just received same text message ([smiONE Card Fraud Alert]) Please Call 828 459 6051 Now I did not respond as I believe it to be a scam

4, Feb. 2014

It is a text stating that it is urgent notification. Deleted it.

4, Feb. 2014

received text about "Fraud" asking me to call this number. I ignored it

4, Feb. 2014

I received 2 separate text and my husband also did from this smiOne CArd Fraud said to call this number 828-459-6051. I new it was a scam imediately. Some one needs put a stop to to this.

5, Feb. 2014

Received text twice from (smione card). It says Please call 870-345-4866. Second text says Please call 234-542-4658.

6, Feb. 2014

I received a text from, wanting me to call 989-856-5003 to hear an important notification........also learned it was for a child support prepaid debit card here in Missouri. Funny, since I don't receive child support. It has SCAM written all over it. I hope people are smart enough to research calls and texts like this before giving any information.

8, Feb. 2014

Just got a text message from saying my account was frozen need to call 417-283-6002 imediatly funny thing is I don't have a SemiNole card hope this helps tracking the scamer

14, Feb. 2014

Look I don't even have a card from them but I got a text message and it said I need to call them now at a number 816-666-7002

15, Feb. 2014

rec'd text message from Said to call 7653744145. FRAUDALERT. Um yeah...don't have a smiONE card nor will anyone call me on my cell phone unless it's one of my banks. And even then...I don't pick up until they send me an email alert.

18, Feb. 2014

I receive daily text from this number regarding an acct balance. I do not have an acct @ SMI1 and replying STOP does no good.

19, Feb. 2014

Received text message for fraud alert. Do not call these numbers....Scammers

20, Feb. 2014

Same here but the number I got was 404 800 6249. I put in a bogus number just to see what they would do and also tried hitting "0" . No response to the 0 and they then wanted my card number. I have had my credit cards changed by the bank many times over the years due to fraud. The bank almost always contacts you PERSONALLY.

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