Area Code 819

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Area code: 819
State: Quebec
Country: Canada
20, Nov. 2017

They offered me a refound of 173$ by hydroquebec... Obviously SCAMMERS!!!

19, Nov. 2017

I copied "" into the browser bar, and I got a page saying I have a refund of $72.33. There is definitely something wrong. I didn't get this call. A friend did. Don't trust this!

17, Nov. 2017

I hope you can stop this madness and do something immediately.

16, Nov. 2017

This number call me at my business place regularly and need to put calling me to stop.

14, Nov. 2017

Remboursement d’hyfro Québec SCAM

7, Nov. 2017

I answered man but he must not have heard me as he hung up on me.

7, Nov. 2017

they keep trying to sell us something and we continue to try to tell them we don't want it but they continue to call

6, Nov. 2017

Did you get a text about a suspended bank account?

6, Nov. 2017

Debt collection scam run by Commercial Credit Adjusters (CCA) Limited based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that have telemarketing/scam centres in various Canadian provinces. They are either trying to collect ficticous debts or the debts of a third party that have nothing to do with you. CCA leaves vague messages to get you to call them back at their real phone numbers of 1-866-958-5850 or 1-204-958-5850, but they call from a variety of different phone numbers to hide their identity -- possibly using caller ID spoofing. According to the CRTC: Telemarketers who make calls to Canadians are required to accurately identify themselves and their client. Telemarketers who use technology to spoof their Caller ID information with inaccurate, false or misleading information violate this requirement. Each violation of the Unsolicited Telemarketing Rules can lead to fines up to $1,500 per violation for an individual and $15,000 per violation for a corporation. If you suspect fraud, you can report it to your local police or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (1-888-495-8501), a national service jointly operated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Competition Bureau.

3, Nov. 2017

Vacation offer via robo call.

2, Nov. 2017

They sended me a false interact transfer from hydro-quebec. I don't even have an account with hydro!

28, Oct. 2017

If I try to call the number nothing happens.

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