Area Code 819

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Area code: 819
State: Quebec
Country: Canada
14, May. 2017

Obvious scam. Says it is from fido (did not capitalize the name of Fido), and said "We will refund a overpayments. collect your money at" with a link that has canada and .fr in it. Horrible grammar too. I don't even have a fido account in the first place.

10, May. 2017

This is a scam saying we won $7000 from the US Grant's Dept.

7, May. 2017

Tried to talk to someone to ask them to stop but just kept on hold.

1, May. 2017

some type of security system.

29, Apr. 2017

despite this DO NOT CALL registry.

24, Apr. 2017

When answer call line is empty.

23, Apr. 2017

would not disclose phone number, gave me a fake address.

20, Apr. 2017

Said that Rogers overbilled me and asked that I accept the refund by clicking on the link. Knew it was not true.. because the Rogers that I know would never issue a refund for over billing , only credit on your account. They aren't exactly saints ! :)

19, Apr. 2017

Call originated in Florida

16, Apr. 2017

Ça doit être l'arnaque

15, Apr. 2017

I have told them on at least two occasions that I was not interested in anything they could offer me.

15, Apr. 2017

This is the 2nd time I have complained to you.

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