Area Code 819

Additional information:

Area code: 819
State: Quebec
Country: Canada
18, Sep. 2017

Click here to collect your tax return said the text message. I didn’t click on it of course. How can this number be still active? Why wouldn’t the provider block it and black list it?

15, Sep. 2017

<sur mon afficheur il y avait ce numéro de tél: 819-732-1752 suivi d'un autre numéro V91518182900005

11, Sep. 2017

Write on behalf of a supposed law firm in Montreal located at "780 Rue de la Montagne" and has another phone number (418)-800-8301. Complete and total scam. That location doesn't even exist. Went down there since my cousin was contacted by them. Their site hosting points, point to some african host, and the scammer write likes a 10 year old. But I guess an immigrant may fall for this. Last email was: "Your mail was found on my spam folder that's why i was unable to reply on time. In respect to subject matter. We are legal company who operate its business under the law of Canada. hence the address of our company is correct. Please note we are not involve in any fraudulence activities." Scum of the earth, preying on immigrants who save up for year to come to Canada...

20, Jul. 2017

Keeps calling asking questions but don't answer their question

8, Jul. 2017

Said they were rogers and "make of surprise for you" just "click here" (probably scammers)

30, May. 2017

when I got to a human I asked to be taken off their list and they hung up on me.

27, May. 2017

they will stop at nothing to irritate ppl even on their birthday which mine was 12/24 and they called at 11:41 a.m. and i do not want them calling EVER!

14, May. 2017

Obvious scam. Says it is from fido (did not capitalize the name of Fido), and said "We will refund a overpayments. collect your money at" with a link that has canada and .fr in it. Horrible grammar too. I don't even have a fido account in the first place.

10, May. 2017

This is a scam saying we won $7000 from the US Grant's Dept.

7, May. 2017

Tried to talk to someone to ask them to stop but just kept on hold.

1, May. 2017

some type of security system.

29, Apr. 2017

despite this DO NOT CALL registry.

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