Area Code 818

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Area code: 818
State: California
Country: USA
24, Jan. 2018

They told me I was going to Jail I called back and spoke to a guy and he said he was sorry for doing what he was doing. Sounding like a person who was slave labor

23, Jan. 2018

this is about the 15th time i've complained about this company calling

23, Jan. 2018

they call too much but never leave a voice message. it's getting annoying!

23, Jan. 2018

now it's this one both from the same region.

23, Jan. 2018

Called my cell phone twice - 10 a.m. & 1:30 p..m. Did not leave a message. When I called the number, I got three beeps, followed by silence and a "User Busy" screen message.

23, Jan. 2018

You called me. I Answered and said “hello” but no response. Just silence for 12 seconds then you hung up. Who are you???

22, Jan. 2018

Call from 844 422-7810, Fishing my last four SS #claimed I owe on old acct. “Chloe Brown” checked it out as scam

22, Jan. 2018

The $300.00 charged was made by Amazon customer service representative that gave his name as Daniel Mathews. I reached him by calling the number 888-280-4331. When the connection initiated, the recorded message identified itself as Amazon, identified my most recent purchase, and gave me some options. I choose the "Amazon Prime" option. I explained to the representative (Daniel Mathews) that I had somehow gotten signed up for Amazon Prime on 1/17/18 and wished to cancel that subscription. He then asked me to go to Google and type in and download the "Rescue" software. This enabled him to use my computer and access my Amazon account. He proceeded to use my account to purchase a gift card to Bestbuy for $300.00. He even had me type in my address, phone number, and bank account number into the Amazon account page form. When the e-mail messages came in confirming the purchase, Mr. Mathews called me back from the number in North Hollywood California 818-232-5737. He then deleted the messages confirming the purchase from my outlook express program, although they still remained in a connected e-mail program that I have. Although I witnessed him, by watching my computer screen, make the purchase from my account, the purchase confirmation messages came from "Gift cards." While filling out the form, Daniel explained to me that this process was necessary to verify my checking account to receive the refund and would only be a virtual transaction to my bank account. I could hardly understand him since he is Asian and I am American . He has an Asian dialect that I do not easily understand. Once he completed his work, I was shocked to find the $300.00 charge from "Gift card" pending in my checking account. I called Mr. Mathews back and he explained to me once again that it was only what he called a "virtual transaction" and that the $300.00 would be refunded in 3-5 hours. It was already been that long and it has not yet been refunded. He typed his contact information into my notepad program. The phone number he gave me is 855-848-4321, ext 1013. He also gave me the transaction #39046234. The $300.00 transaction came from BHN*GIFTCARDS POS 855-273-0838 on 1-19-2018. Additional research by me confirms that the card was used in Chicago, 3262 W. Belmont Ave., to purchase a Google playcard at 6:00 p.m. Due to the way in which this happened, it appears like a legitimate purchase from me to buy a gift card for myself. I have also looked for the $300.00 transaction on my Amazon account and I do not see it either. It has been cleared. I charge that Mr. Mathews made it they way. I covered all his tracks and made it appear that I made a $300.00 purchase from "Gift cards". My order for Amazon Prime is also gone, except my welcome letter to Amazon Prime. I have print outs of the confirmations that Daniel deleted from my outlook express program, including the $300.00 gift card that I did not ask for, purchase, or want. He made the purchase using my Amazon account that he accessed through the "Rescue" software, then cleared it from my Amazon account cache. It was only ever my intention to cancel Amazon Prime and be refunded. I did not even know at that time when, if, how or how much Amazon had collected from me for their "Prime" premium. I have since gone to my Amazon account and cancelled the subscription and received the refund which is now pending in my account. However, I am still out $300.00 by a so called process used by your representative to correct the "Prime" membership that I somehow got enrolled in.

22, Jan. 2018

This number has called me 3 times in the last 2 months. I blocked them the 1st time. Persistent little F***k***!

22, Jan. 2018

Another prerecorded call to give away a free medical alert.

22, Jan. 2018

I hung up when I heard it was a recorded soliciting call.

22, Jan. 2018

the minute you ask them to stop calling they hang up.

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