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15, Dec. 2017

I do not know these idiots

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2, Jun. 2017

A lady asked me what I wanted because I had called her (which I did not) and when I asked what time I "called" her she said about 40 mins ago. I had not made any phone calls this morning.

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31, Jul. 2016

I told them not to call me anymore and then they called again.

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20, Apr. 2015

Push 1 through 3 for rewards options.

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23, Dec. 2013

Woman claimed she was from MS Tech Support. She said their server got a report my computer was infected. She wanted me to go to my computer. I asked her some questions, but her English was not good enough to understand me. She gave me this callback number when she thought I asked for it. Definitely some kind of scam.

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21, Dec. 2012

these people will not quit. Why can't you people stop them from calling me. I will press charges if they don't stop.