Area Code 816

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Area code: 816
State: Missouri
Country: USA
24, Apr. 2017

Got the same call and said since I can't reach you by phone that they will Persue me at work. I know that I don't have any charges against me. This is a scam and I refuse to worry about it

23, Apr. 2017

This number calls all hours of the day- starting early in the morning, after you'd awaken, afternoon - several times, evening,, and late at night- never leaving a message, hanging up after receiving my classic away from the phone, leave a message recording with the addendum of if you are a telemarketer, to just hang up. I get so many hang ups - that it is so annoying! This needs to stop NOW!

22, Apr. 2017

asked to stop calling and they keep calling!

21, Apr. 2017


21, Apr. 2017

When the phone is answered, there is no sound or person on the other end.

20, Apr. 2017

We have called back and get a recording.

19, Apr. 2017

" your health, life, or dental insurance. This is an incredible alternative to the un-afordable care act that have helped thousands save a ton of money on their health insurance while putting them in a better plan. Press 1 to speak to an insurance guru. Press 2 to be removed fro the call list." scam scam scam. you can not get insurance now because the enrollment window is closed until it's opened again in the fall.

18, Apr. 2017

The number I provided today was the latest call from the latest phone number.

18, Apr. 2017

The name and address for this phone number

17, Apr. 2017

says he is with farmers insurance and wants to give us a free qoute.. do not give this person any information. better still if you don't initiate the call , don't answer

17, Apr. 2017

Scammer call left message from a Jason threatening all sorts of legal actions and bank fraud over a 'declined debit card transaction' really? I think NOT! Left an 855 number to call back, guess what? I'm NOT calling that number. Nice try to scare me into calling SCAMMER piece of CACA!

14, Apr. 2017

Caller ID shows up as Washington, Oklahoma, Dakotas, different each call and they have information of credit card debt consolidation.

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