Phone: 816-234-5432

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Kansas City, Missouri
Its exchange 234 is managed by SOUTHWESTERN BELL - MO
The number is currently on switch number KSCYMO55DS1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 27% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 22 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Credit card lower interest, kc miss c"
14, Aug. 2013 Reply

This is a credit card scammer that hung up when I informed them that I was on the state and federal no call list.

14, Aug. 2013 Reply

The call is trying to get you to release private information, claiming they can lower you interest rate on your credit card. They're calling to get any credit card information they can to rip you off. Do not answer, or just hang up when the recording asks you to press nine, so you can give information. It's an attempt at theft!

16, Dec. 2013 Reply

Hung up after 3 rings and left no message.

18, Dec. 2013 Reply

Prerecorded message about great credit on credit cards. Pressed 9 as to lower the interest rate. When a person answered I asked who I was speaking with, the person hung up. When I called the number back the message said the number was disconnected

18, Dec. 2013 Reply

this no has called several times and they just keep calling,

20, Jan. 2014 Reply

bottom dwelling dicwad not capable of real jobs,probably performed s*x acts on each other between calls

21, Jan. 2014 Reply

Rings a couple times. when it goes to answering machine no message left.

21, Jan. 2014 Reply

CardServices scammer. Thanks Obama.

Peter Zabak
21, Jan. 2014 Reply

im an old man and i dont need this f*****g s**t a*s people calling me i live in a poor community and i cant afford anything if these muthafucka people call me again i will get out my can and BEAT THE f*****g s**t OUT OFF THEM sincercere cocakaroch

24, Jan. 2014 Reply

a recording said I needed the lower credit card interest rates and they could provide. I was easily connected with a live person who asked if I owed more than $3000 credit cards. When I said no, he immediately vanished. When I called back the number it does not ring

Alan from OH
27, Jan. 2014 Reply

Answered with "Hello, this is John of Card Member Services......." Call was disconnected before I could press 9 to talk to a live person. I did not even bother to call the number back. I have recieved multiple calls from various nubmers that start with "Hello, this is Kelly from Card Member Serivces...."

27, Jan. 2014 Reply

Soon as they get the answering machine they hang up, I do not answer if I DON'T KNOW THE NUMBER and also from another state

29, Jan. 2014 Reply

it was on my caller ID so when I call back that number it tells me it was dis connceted

29, Jan. 2014 Reply

it was on my caller ID so when I call back that number it tells me it was dis connceted

29, Jan. 2014 Reply


Bruce Braswell
29, Jan. 2014 Reply

hung up without identifying themselves

30, Jan. 2014 Reply

I have had several calls from this number many times once right after the other has the hallmarks of a scam or marketing call.

31, Jan. 2014 Reply

I did not answer and they left a partial voice mail saying "press 9 to lower your interest rate".

3, Feb. 2014 Reply

i let answer machine pickup caller left no message and hung up i am on do not call list reported to them

19, Feb. 2014 Reply

Annoying company saying you can lower your credit card debt. This time I decided to push 9 to talk to someone to ask them not to call anymore. They hung up on me. I called back and it said the number is not in service. Obviously the do not call list does not work and either does filing a complaint because I get these calls all the time.

24, Mar. 2014 Reply

Tried to call number back is disconnected. On No. Call list and still get these calls

5, May. 2014 Reply

It's May 5, 2014 and this number is still being used by scammers. I let the answer machine pick it but they left no message. I now have this call blocked. Interesting too that the number is 2-3-4-5-4-3-2. Not too creative!

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