Area Code 815

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Area code: 815
State: Illinois
Country: USA
19, Aug. 2017

I don't know how they did they my phone number. They claim they are the home improvement company

18, Aug. 2017

This caller left a voice mail threatening that my "warrant" would be activated if I did not return the call. These people need to be shut down. It is one of those scam callers who prey particularly on the elderly and the uninformed.

15, Aug. 2017

I had a phone call from 484-403-1171 number about filed legal complaints. I checked online the 815-320-1891 telephone number they gave me to call, it appear to be scam. Do not respond to any of those phone numbers they wanted to steal your personal information's.

12, Aug. 2017


29, Jul. 2017

They have s marijuana growth near elmwood,Illinois

28, Jul. 2017

Nam &namBr

27, Jul. 2017

I received a call from this number. The caller asked for me by name, but would not identify who he was or where he was calling from when I asked. So I told him I could give [myself] a message. He said he'd call back at another time. But it is possible my number could be on a switch line. I did a lil research about switch lines, but at the same time he didn't have to be rude to me when he called my phone. So, I blocked him. He won't be calling back at ANY time!

18, Jul. 2017

Spam call

11, Jul. 2017

they call every few days for insurance. Shows as private number but they leave a voice mail with number to call back. Cant seem to get them to stop calling

10, Jul. 2017

They threatened me

9, Jul. 2017

They asked if I or anyone in our home had bladder sling or implant surgery.

9, Jul. 2017

they call when I am not home and don't leave message

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