Phone: 815-687-8080

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Woodstock, Illinois
Its exchange 687 is managed by RCN TELECOM SERVICES OF ILLINO
The number is currently on switch number CHCGILACDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 38% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 160 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Amanda , Amanda"
8, Mar. 2013

left no message. Caller ID = "Lifegivmoments" I don't answer these unknown names.

29, Mar. 2013

As with above - they call everyday - no messages and always more than once through out the day. Extremely annoying!!!

29, Mar. 2013

Same as other comments-every day annoyance. We never answer this one.

8, Apr. 2013

They call from various numbers at all times of the day. I've never picked up before but today they called at 8:30 a.m. Caller ID said "Illiinois" and I recognized the number so I picked up to demand they stop calling. Woman who answered asked for male householder by his first name. I asked who was calling and she didn't respond but instead said she "could talk to anyone in the household who was over 18." I told her we've gotten numerous calls from them and that we were on the Federal DNC list. She said she would remove us from their list. Will believe that when the calls stop.

16, Apr. 2013

selling by using religion

26, Apr. 2013

A woman called and asked "may I speak to Bruce" and when I answered "you have me" she hung up. Very strange!

26, Apr. 2013

A woman called and asked "may I speak to Bruce" and when I answered "you have me" she hung up. Very strange!

15, May. 2013

caller id says 815-687-8080 Lifegivmoments Woman says "Is ******* there"? I answer: this is ******** She hangs up. Strange.. have been getting a lot of solicitation calls lately... last was childhood leukemia yesterday

23, May. 2013

Calls early in AM and does not leat message. I read the above comments RE: "childhood lukemia". I also received those calls and it stopped after about 2 weeks. I have been told by a friend that if you pick up the call you will continue to receive them, if you ignore the unknown or suspicious calls the caller thinks they have contacted a "dead line" and will not call again. I just don't know if it works when an answering machine picks up.

24, May. 2013

These people rang my mum's phone this evening around 5:15pm mountain time. The CallerID said "Illinois." I answered the phone. A woman said, "hello, ___________." She called my mum's first name, like she knew my mum. I asked who was calling - there was no answer. I assumed she didn't hear me, so I repeated louder, "who's calling?" She hung up.

29, May. 2013

Received call at 8:10am eastern time from 815-687-8080. Woman wanted to take a survey and wouldn't give me a chance to say I was heading off to work. So I hung up while she was ranting.

annoyed to the brim
3, Jun. 2013

Had a call from this number at 5:50 pm. looked at the caller ID and decided to let my fax machine get it. I have been doing this quite often lately with all the numbers that i do not recognize. Hopefully that they will quit calling me.

8, Jun. 2013

Asked to speak to ******, I said "this is she". Then she said "I actually don't have a message for you." I said "why are you calling then?" She said "Thankyou" and hung up. Weird!

19, Jun. 2013

We have had this number call every day around the same time, sometimes its a different number but its around the same time. Even if I pick up the phone I either get nothing, or someone hangs up as soon as I pick up. Its so annoying!

20, Jun. 2013

I suspect this is a solicitation call of some type, only because they used my father-in-law's name when they called. He is in a nursing home and my husband handles his affairs and has never lived here. Anyone who is important already knows that. I hate people who try to scam the elderly!!

Tired of Calls
27, Jun. 2013

Called to ask if I was "...". When I said I was, then the woman hung up.

28, Jun. 2013

You are not actually talking with a real person, it is ALL automated and VERY convincing. I tried to engage in conversation with caller and eventually 'looped' over again. If you stop calling it will state 'Hello'-pause-"Hello"-pause-"Is anyone there?"- pause and then dead air. I'm more aggravated that any answers I gave before I realized it was all automated may be included in some idiot 'gallop poll' presented to Congress!

28, Jun. 2013

***edit above comment**** If you stop TALKING . . . .

2, Jul. 2013

Keep getting calls from this same long distance number. This morning it was at 8:05AM Eastern time and a woman always asks for my husband by name. I have been ignoring these calls, but picked up to try to get rid of them. I answered and asked who is this and why are you calling me at this hour of the morning. Woman started to choke and cough and said: SOOOORRRRY and hung up.

15, Jul. 2013

My call was a LOT like all those described above : they are just CHECKING TO SEE IF ANYONE IS HOME ! I'm lead to believe that these are semi-pro ROBBERS checking to see if anyone is HOME RIGHT NOW ! My best guess is they are a TRAVELING group of ROBBERS, using a LARGE INDEXED CALL LIST ! When your phone rings, they are probably just BLOCKS away - trying to obtain "safe" information about making a WITHDRAWL from your HOME ! Proof : onec pattern is ID'd ; use CALLER ID to let phome RING-RING-RING ; then watch for mystery vehicle on your STREET ! BE READY FOR ACTION ! ! ! !

21, Jul. 2013

The caller ID said Life Giving Moments. Caller Identified herself as someone taking a 4 question survey regarding Children's Tv and internet viewing. Stupidly, I answered. She said she could not voice her opinion until I had answered but now she could.. She tried to set me up with a religious group. I said no. She tried to convince me to press 9 on my phone as a consent. I let her know I was not happy with her call and hung up. Lesson Learned: Hang up when it is an unwanted call. Never try to be nice. Just hang up. Too many scams out there.

23, Jul. 2013

Female caller asked for me by my first name. After I said that was me, she hung up. Robbers/burglars as Marv suggests, or what this sort of call is about, I do not know. Caller ID only had Illinois for the name..

24, Jul. 2013

Lady caller introduced herself (cannot remember her name) She said she was doing a very short survey. Next she asked if I believed that parents or grandparents of kids under 18 years of age should be able to determine which tv shows the kids watch. I said yes and there was a slight pause and then she said WRONG ANSWER b***h and then hung up on me.

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