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16, Jan. 2017

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Umph Love
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15, Dec. 2015

Upon answering, a pre-record w/ a female voice comes on stating that my CC account was in good standing, and that this was a courtesy call (and FINAL one, at that - put that sense of urgency on ya..I take it they have sales knowledge too) to get 'me' interested in doing whatever for a lower interest rate... -ha! Ya boy don't use credit cards, and they wouldn't give me one even if I so desired one. Typically, I don't answer, nor think twice about calls like these NOT being some cubicle rat, but after answering a call I don't know, but after recently seeing the relative ease in simply persevering through to the human and explaining a) I am not the 'debtor', and as such b) you have wrong number, so c) stop calling me you degenerate waste of animated flesh.... ...I follow this same procedure, get connected, and hear what sounds like a bar room, possibly a poorly acoustically insulated telemarketer mill, or some organized central American gang in their 'hub' of philanthropic activity.. "Consumer services (or something equally and generically meaningless) this is....(John DOE), how may I blah blah..." "Hi,the only reason I'm calling today is,,," 'CLICK!!' ..and that motha fucker hangs up on ME before I can even get a sentence out. I got a good mind to take me a drive to Tampa....