Phone: 813-920-3030

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Tampa, Florida
Its exchange 920 is managed by VERIZON FLORIDA INC.
The number is currently on switch number KYSTFLXA92H (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 34 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "john sivula, b******e Sivula"
26, Dec. 2013 Reply

I don't know who they are

27, Dec. 2013 Reply

I've been getting a call from this # twice a day for 3 days. No one talks

28, Dec. 2013 Reply

Multiple calls daily from this number. No one answers if you pick up, no voice mails are left if you don't. I did a call back, and the number is 'out of service'. A search says they live in Land O'Lakes, but honestly.. who cares. I just want these phone calls to stop.

30, Dec. 2013 Reply

No message left. No idea who this person is?

30, Dec. 2013 Reply

Same for me....they call, I answer and I just hear what seems to be a calling center in the background.

30, Dec. 2013 Reply

No msg left

31, Dec. 2013 Reply

A couple of calls daily from this number. No one answers if you pick up, no voice mails are left. I did a call back, and the number is 'out of service'. A search says they live in Land O'Lakes, but honestly.. who cares. I just want these phone calls to stop.

3, Jan. 2014 Reply

Just received a call from this number but didn't answer. Glad I didn't after reading the previous comments.

6, Jan. 2014 Reply

3-5 calls per day, no msg left

8, Jan. 2014 Reply

Don't know this person.

8, Jan. 2014 Reply

This # is pissing me off!!!!!! Constantly calling my house when answer nobody is on the other line its driving me crazy!!!! 6-8 times a day somebody needs to figure out who is doing this. VERIZON needs to step up their game since its coming from their facility!!!!!!!

8, Jan. 2014 Reply

This person must be a rip off person as the phone number is a disconnected number beware of these calls

9, Jan. 2014 Reply

This person keeps calling my house and will not say anything. When I return the call the operator says the number is no longer in service. I have no idea why this person keeps calling my number. I am ready to report it to the Sheriff's office

rosiliana wilder
9, Jan. 2014 Reply

received another call from 813 920-3030 and no message left again! I do not recognize the number so I do not pick up but it is still very annoying!

15, Jan. 2014 Reply

Calls between two to three times day and evening for two months. John Sivula shows up on caller ID but if I call back, recording says disconnected I have reported to phone co. they so no listing. Usually no one answers, tonite when I informed caller I was turning them in for harassment, a female voice was so shocked she broke her silence to sputter "What the hell" and hung up.

15, Jan. 2014 Reply

This number is calling my house also. When my recorder came on a female voice started to repeat the recorded message as if mocking it. then said "oh what am i doing" then hung up. Definitely a telemarketer of some kind. you can hear the other phones and people in background. Not exactly sure what they want but beware...

16, Jan. 2014 Reply

yes, they call me every night and sometimes during the day. no message, always around 7:30 p.m. i will not answer it because i heard of scams that if u answer they charge big money to your bill. we need to figure out what this is and shut it down. it shows it as a landline on gunn highway near the corner of mobley road, which isn't so far from my house. maybe i will go over there, see what's up and call the police???

16, Jan. 2014 Reply

Yeh who ever this is or maybe its a computer repeatedly calls its a dead air when I call back I either get out of service or long beeping tones that you would get when you call a fax machine. its starting to get creepy . For those of you that don't know when you put *67 befor a number when your calling it it will come up on the other persons caller id as private caller I suggest everyone getting these calls give back the same harassment and *67 this caller 6-8 times a day like hes doing to others. Uggg annoyed.

16, Jan. 2014 Reply

Same is happening in my home.

17, Jan. 2014 Reply

several days, maybe twice each day. pitching solar energy or panels? despite my long-time listing with Florida and Federal donotcalls.

20, Jan. 2014 Reply

We are on the do not call list and get these calls almost every one is there & phone just hangs up. When you call back, a recording comes on to tell you this number is not in service. This has been going on for about a month and it's highly annoying and needs to stop !

20, Jan. 2014 Reply

please have caller stop

21, Jan. 2014 Reply

No person ever speaks.

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