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Phone number: 813-444-5680

is located in Tampa, Florida.

in the 444 exchange.

Around 61% of people reported it as "Unknown"

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Latest people reported the number as that of "Injury Claim Group, dont know"

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This malicious entity is calling numbers from all over the country. They've shown up under the same name in more than one place and that name is PEERLESS NETWORK. I just got a brand new number from Phone Power my new provider and received 2 phone calls today within the span of only a couple of hours. The first call came from 413-363-9544 which shows up as Pacific Bell in San Francisco. It also diplayed the name PEERLESS NETWORK OF CALIFORNIA, LLC. The second call came from the 813-444-5680 and also displayed "PEERLESS NETWORK OF FLORIDA, LLC. Ordinarily I would just dismiss these calls and try to put myself on some kind of list, but evidently their is something far more sinister going on with regard to the new number I received from PhonePower, of which PhonePower themselves seems to have no explanation other than to advise customers to put these callers on their block list. These two calls I received today are only a small percentage of the random, unknown numbers from various locations being routed to my new number from PhonePower. If I were to make an educated guess, either the number I received did not get properly recycled before PhonePower gave it to me or the person whom had the number before me was just too careless about protecting their number and once out on the open telemarket...it essentially is bobbing back and forth in tele-shark-infested waters. I really don't care what PhonePowers excuse is, they should be checking these numbers and making sure they are cleared from any spam or scam activity whether incoming or outgoing!

Reported 14, Feb. 2014.

Continues to call, hangs-up when answering machine comes on.

Reported 15, Feb. 2014.
Kathy Russell

I get a lot of calls daily from this number and it is on my cell phone.. I do not answer calls I dont know so I would love for this to stop.. Whoever it is is a real pain in the behind...

Reported 22, Feb. 2014.

I received a call from this number and don't know who it is, guess I will just block it.

Reported 25, Feb. 2014.
Miguel de Luz

Keeps calling don\'t know who it is. Early mornings to late evenings sometimes 3 times in row and leaves no message. Most I have recieved is 8 d**n calls in 12 hour period. Getting sick of this c**p already.

Reported 25, Feb. 2014.

I recently put my number online for a job site now my phone gets calls daily.. like 10 calls. Next time don't put your number online alright save you the trouble..

Reported 28, Feb. 2014.
Stop wasting my time

Often shows up with caller ID starting with a V followed by a string of numbers. Call several times according to call log

Reported 10, Mar. 2014.

Keeps calling my cell don't know who it is but it's getting annoying!!! Called back and sounds disconnected.

Reported 17, Mar. 2014.

telemarketer, calls at all hours.

Reported 19, Mar. 2014.

They keep calling my NEW fax number

Reported 26, Mar. 2014.

f**k these people

Reported 17, Apr. 2014.

Stop calling and hanging up

Reported 23, Apr. 2014.

Calls several times each day.I wrote the number down today and will not answer it again.

Reported 30, Apr. 2014.

I work in a local government office and receive calls daily from this number. Message is regarding some kind of insurance group. Would love to get them to stop.

Reported 12, May. 2014.

Second early AM call

Reported 15, May. 2014.

I just got a new phone number for an additional line on May 22nd of this year. Despite the number being unlisted, this is the first scam caller I received. How is this possible?

Reported 13, Jun. 2014.

Called me just now (4:40pm) and didn't leave a voice mail. Probably not going to call it back after reading the messages in this thread.

Reported 24, Jun. 2014.

If you are on the FTC National Do Not Call Registry, file a complaint at complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx Their web site is injuryclaimgroup.com. It's the same as claimassistancegroup.com. Here's the information to put in the FTC complaint form. Phone number of the company that called: 9542040207 Name of the company that called: Injury Claim Group Comment: I am on the National Do Not Call Registry and they're calling me anyway. Lots of complaints out there about these scammers. Search for Claim Assistance Group and Injury Claim Group. Same operation. Lots of complaints about unsolicited inbound calls and some details of their scam. Google street view of both addresses show call center buildings for Sunshine Communication Services and Answer America Answering Service. Claim Assistance Group Andrew Cotner 159 Madeira Ave Coral Gables, FL 33134-4515 Injury Claim Group Tim Longley 1000 N Washington Blvd Sarasota, FL 30236-3426

Reported 3, Nov. 2014.

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