Phone: 813-261-1283

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Tampa, Florida
Its exchange 261 is managed by MCI METRO ATS, INC. - FL
The number is currently on switch number TAMPFLDMDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 30% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 13 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "jill, Gator Ford"
8, Jan. 2014

Caller tried to get all sorts of info from me under the excuse of offering "extended warranty" for my vehicle... But she didn't even know that vehicle I owned! When I started asking HER questions, she hung up.

9, Jan. 2014

Caller ID said this was from Gator Ford in Florida. Didn't answer the phone and checked the internet, apparently there is a dealer by this name in Florida. I live in the Midwest, why would I want anything from a dealer down there!

9, Jan. 2014

Offered me extended warranty on "my vehicle" but she didn't know what vehicle I had. I am on the no-call-list and these people should not be calling me. I have noticed in the last year or so that companies pay no attention to the no-call list anymore. Laws and rules mean nothing.

9, Jan. 2014

Just received a call from Gator Ford and let the machine pick it up.They hung up when they heard the greeting. I don't know these people and don't want to.

10, Jan. 2014

G Ford keeps calling. My information has been compromised and stolen.

11, Jan. 2014

I was called by this number,and when I said "hello?" hold music started playing! Really?? I just hung up and looked up the # online to find out its an auto warranty scam. I don't drive or have a car.

16, Jan. 2014

Got a call from this number this morning. As soon as the answering machine picked up, they hung up. Call search. Found it to be from Tampa, Florida-Gator Ford. I have a new Ford truck. I deal locally not out of state.

16, Jan. 2014

Did not answer the call but have received calls daily for the past week. I do not live close to Florida. Will answer next time and inform them I will use my police whistle blown into the telephone if another call is received.

S Olson
17, Jan. 2014

Called about extended warranty on my vehicle. I live in Nebraska and did not want to talk to them. I hung up.

18, Jan. 2014

Called about a vehicle warranty that was about to expire. When I said we didn't own said vehicle the caller asked what we did own. I hung up. And, yes, we are on the Do Not Call list!

19, Jan. 2014

Got a call but when I answered they hung up. Guess I was lucky. I will be ready if they call back. Thank everyone for the information about this scam.

24, Jan. 2014

she said she was offering extended warranty. When i asked who she was calling for in this house she hung up the phone. This is a scam! Do not provide personal information

24, Jan. 2014

So glad I read these comments. The girl totally did not know what kind of vehicle I owned. Definitely a scam and do NOT provide them with any information! Tried to call them back on the 813 number and it does not even ring.

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