Area Code 812

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Area code: 812
State: Indiana
Country: USA
25, Sep. 2017

TRG said it doesn't check its phone numbers against the Do Not Call list.

25, Sep. 2017

Will not leave a message.

24, Sep. 2017

Just called voicemail..5th call in 2 days

23, Sep. 2017

the second time - they were told not to call back.

22, Sep. 2017

Pressing 1 gets a live person who then hangs up on you when you ask to be removed from the list.

15, Sep. 2017

I really wish that you were more effective than you are.

14, Sep. 2017

I missed a call from that number today. They didn't left a voicemail.

8, Sep. 2017

812 671 9271 is anoying, ude and it is getting old, wish they stop doing it., !I don't want to buy anything over phone. Scam!

6, Sep. 2017

Will not take NO fir an answer!

5, Sep. 2017

When I asked about the scam they got really ugly with me.

19, Aug. 2017

They call at least 3 times everyday. I called them twice and left a message to stop calling and harassing me since you pick up and they hang up. Even though I have asked them twice to quit calling they still do. I'm about ready to report it to the states attorney. We all need to report it to the states attorney or your police department as harassment.

16, Aug. 2017

Says I've been approved for a loan; I've never applied for a loan.

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