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26, Apr. 2016

I do have overdue books and this site is the only way I was able to remember. I checked out books a couple of days before my Dad's funeral & that evening after the funeral my daughter died. I never received any phones calls or anything in the mail from my library and so this is upsetting because I surely would have returned everything had I received a courtesy reminder. Family & friends came over to help me prepare a room for my Grandson that is now living with me & the books were packed by accident. I have gotten calls from this number as early as 5am & late as midnight. I do not answer my phone after or before normal business hours and this number has never called me during any 9am - 5pm hours. Late night calls are very disturbing when a person received such a call from an "unknown" number and it was about my Daughter's death, I just did not want to answer it. I will pay my fine along with a letter explaining my disappoint with the library for not making any effort to notify me of these overdue items. Thank you for your site Why call me...Sincerely