Area Code 807

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Area code: 807
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
25, May. 2018

I have this call from this number today and told me I ll get arrested if I don’t pay Tax penalty about 2890 CAD I asked from when this tax have been there since 2014 ....that when I noticed something wrong bec I have been in Canada just a year back

24, May. 2018

This phone # has called me 8 times in the past 3 days and they have never left a voicemail.

22, May. 2018

it called on Sunday at 3:05PM.

20, May. 2018

Folks, here is what you do to stop these calls permanently. Your phone/system must be capable of call forwarding for this to work. 1. First, find out the organization that is calling you. Be very sure of this before proceeding! 2. Once you know the name of the organization calling you, find out the head office/corporate office telephone number by researching this on the internet. 3. Now, create a call forward rule that automatically forwards the offending call -> to the head office/corporate office telephone number. Essentially what you have now done is forward the call of the solicitor to their corporate office. There is nothing illegal about this activity. Just be sure you are absolutely certain you know who is calling you with unwanted calls. This process also works well with companies pushing furnace protection plans, marketing survey companies, etc.

19, May. 2018

all through the day and late into the evening.

18, May. 2018

Have called 4-5 previous times.

15, May. 2018

Robocall telling that I had a lawsuit under my name and I should get back to them asap otherwise I would be arrested........

14, May. 2018

I can provide my phone records if needed and the email confirmations of my registration and all the different numbers that are calling.

11, May. 2018

Says I won something.

10, May. 2018

please help us stop this harassment.

10, May. 2018

It’s an overseas number

9, May. 2018

If you are able to identify the caller and do not prosecute, please report this to the appropriate law enforcement agency as an annoyance call.

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