Area Code 807

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Area code: 807
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
16, Mar. 2018

They called me (during standard work hours!!!) to ask for donations for MADD, asking for me by my first name. I had recently signed a petition supporting drunk driving laws on Facebook so I thought it was related, but now I don't believe it. She asked me if I wanted to donate $150 or $300 a month (???) and I told her as I am a single mom in the middle of looking to move houses I can't commit to donating right now but certainly will keep MADD in my plans when I'm in a better position in the future. She was still very pushy and kept asking how much I wanted to donate in a month.... Uhm this is a good tactic if the potential donor has said they wish to donate but when someone has expressed they are in a difficult financial situation, it's not very professional to keep pushing. Also when I told her that I would contact MADD from their number on their website when and if I am able to support them, she still pushed me to give her info to set up payments starting next month. Lady, I'm trying to be polite and say I really care but I'm too poor lol. I still wonder if they even are MADD. I would encourage anyone to NOT give money over the phone unless *you* call them by the number on their official website.

6, Mar. 2018

Just recieved my phone bill and was charged $3.89 for 2 calls to this number. Apparently no one has stopped this bs from happening.

6, Mar. 2018

I report it over and over and you don't do anything.

28, Feb. 2018

These people keep calling for our son who no longer lives at our house.

16, Feb. 2018

I have had over ten of these calls in the last two monthssometimes as many as 5 per week.

1, Feb. 2018

The list grows longer every day.

29, Jan. 2018

807 788-1171 called asking for the owner of the business. They would not tell me who they were or what they wanted, so I told him he was wasting my time and I hung up.

26, Jan. 2018

They also called on 11/30/13 @ 12:18 p.m. I do not answer the calls.

8, Jan. 2018

The 860 5405673 just called again.

3, Jan. 2018

wanting to offer me a new mortgage

20, Dec. 2017

This call appears to be a solicitation, but the party does not leave any message.

30, Nov. 2017

It was also a recording and I pressed a button to be removed from their calls.

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