Phone: 806-496-3419

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Slaton, Texas
Its exchange 496 is managed by SOUTHWESTERN BELL
The number is currently on switch number SLATTXSLRS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 35% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 54 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Pon Yee, Ricky Clark"
17, Feb. 2012

Got a call from this number by a Ricky Clark, left msg stating that I have a warrant out on me in texas. Too bad I have never been there. Then tells me in msg that he will he contacting the police department in my area and have me arrested for 6 months. Wtf......

18, Feb. 2012

the caller's a fake debt collector. There's been a lot of reports of these type of calls here already, so it's no surprise. Thank you for reporting their number here

1, Mar. 2012

I work for a business and this caller asked for one of our employees. Told him that he works graveyard, didn't have clue what that meant. Speaks very poor English and was on the rude side.

14, Mar. 2012

He called to my job stating that he is a tax collector and that he works for the sheriff tax office. And that he is trying to collect a debt. I have never been to Texas and do not know what he is talking about.

26, Mar. 2012

This "officer" called trying to collect a debt. He threatened us by saying that we were involved in a civil lawsuit regarding an unpaid payday loan. He even gave us a case number. I have searched the courts for this case and no hits... these information, if they exist, are public records. By the way, I work in a law firm.

31, Mar. 2012

Who the bleep is this guy and how did he get my number? I had to listen to his voice message 6 times before I could understand the number he was calling from. I will NOT be calling him back. What an annoying creep!

3, Apr. 2012

This man have been calling harassing me saying that I owe a payday loan and that I was being sued in civil court and that if I did not handle this matter today then a warrant will be issued for my arrest within 24 hrs. He also stated that he was the Sheriff of Texas when have a Sheriff of any state ever handled debt collecting? Sorry Dude you got the wrong 1!!!!!! Pissed Off

7, Apr. 2012

A man with extremely poor English keeps harassing me and on one occasion leaves a message: “This massage is for (name of victim), my name is sheriff officer Ricky Clark, calling from the county of (unintelligible) Texas. We received a civil case on the name. We are going to issue an arrest warrant against your name as soon as possible with the help of Austin Sheriff County, The Austin sheriff County will be at your street address to take you to the courthouse for this legal issue. So call me back, as soon as possible, my number which is 806-496, and I’ll repeat it is 806-496-3419. Thank you and God bless you” Three things: 1.) This guy’s English is so pathetic, no one in their right mind would hire him to operate a phone, let alone allow him to use it. I had to play the d**n message 3 times just to understand it (all while laughing hysterically) 2.) This is not at all how our judicial system and law enforcement works. 3.) I am not the person he is calling; any real law enforcement would know this. 4.) Why even bother calling, if the “sheriff’s office” is already showing up at my door!?! …All that does is giving the person a chance to evade the arrest to begin with! These people are complete morons!

11, Apr. 2012

This guy keeps on calling my work ssaying that he is the Sheriff Ricky Clark from Lamb County Texas. Complete moron, I wish I knew how to stop him from calling my work. Any suggestions?

12, Apr. 2012

they called and told me that i have a bring payday loan out with the newyork federal police department and that i also have warrant out for my arrest and that i am in big legal trouble that i owe big money take a number does not speak good english I called him back and said my name was natasha hott and he said oh yes you owe a payday loan i said sucker i got you this is the pierce county police department we are on your tail and he tried to argue and i told him to and milk his goats it is getting late

20, Apr. 2012

I got a call today at work by a Ricky Clarke saying I owe a payday loan..the thing is, he has my social and I do have a loan I didn't pay back yet!! Could it be real or is it another way creditors come after u?!

3, May. 2012

Ricky Clar Called me today! Stating the same information up above! Arrest warrent and someone will be coming to pick me up and arrest me. I asked him for his mailing address and he gave my address then I said I am trying to gather all this information for the attorney generals office and he gave me a bogus 18551 Canal Street, Littlefield, Texas 73535. Also that their tax id # is 704-67-8601; I said I wil relate the information and we will get back to you and he said yeah yeah yeah! Had a bad accent and does not make any sense.. USA Fast Cash.. What the FFFF.. !!!

7, May. 2012

I have been getting calls from this guy for months. Everytime he tells me my lawyer needs to call him immediately. He won't tell me what the legal matter is, but i am "in a heap of big trouble". I have told him every time to mail me paperwork concerning whatever this mystery matter is and I will give it to my lawyer. Shockingly, paperwork never arrives in my mailbox. Today I received a call that was verbatum to the person who posted on April 7. This is obviously some sort of poorly executed scam.

22, May. 2012

Basically the same thing, called me at work, with all his lies. I have contacted the police dept. and the police dept at my job letting them know about this guy. I've never even had a payday loan! I can't wait unitl they catch this b*****d!

1, Jun. 2012

I recieved the same calls from this Ricky Clark today. He left the exact same messages on my phone as stated in the other comments. He told me I had to pay money today or get arrested. When I asked him what it was for he told me i owed on a payday loan that I never took out. He needs to be caught and arrested himself!!!!

18, Jun. 2012

Today I got yet another call from this number and he left a message on my voicemail asking for the same person he's been looking for at my number for 4 years!!!!! Yup, I've been harrassed personally and have had voicemail from whoever this is for 4 YEARS! I've begged and even screamed at them to stop calling my number.....I could sure use some legal advice on how to get them to stop. They call both of my cell phones and won't stop, they just hang up when I ask for a manager or supervisor.....I've become so angry over this and how long it's gone on.

Justino iannelli
20, Jun. 2012

i worry this man is from another country like iran inside america scaming people and getting ready too do something bad too america i ask the goverment to please look into this matter as he has scamed alot of people he has my dads social security number and he even told my dad about my sisters theft record hes pulling up to much information then legal and im distrested and he said my hole family are mother fuckers and we are all in trouble and be behind bars tom.

justino iannelli
20, Jun. 2012

Ok so we know hes stealing information anyway someone would work with me to find this man and put him to justice and get everyones money back and or get him out of america and back into his own country because this is very upsetting our goverment has done nothing yet to find or stop this man and bring him to justice

25, Jun. 2012

My boyfriend called this Ricky Clark character and he heard a tv going in the background and it turns out the guy admitted to watching a p**n movie. I nearly fell out laughing it was hilarious. This guy is either hindu or pakistani and had a horrible Texan accent. My former roommate is from Texas and her accent is pretty obvious, but this guy he's a piece of work. Clearly he has nothing better to do with his time than to con people of money because he doesnt think he needs to get a job he can just troll public records and create things to make people think they're owing debts when in reality they don't owe anything. The way he told people they can pay using Green Dot pre paid debit cards loaded with the funds on it and he just needs the number to take the money off it. I did a check and the number he calls people from is a landline number.

12, Jul. 2012

I got a call from this guy Ricky Clark today saying he was a "Sheriff" from Texas and I was in "big legal trouble" and would be arrested if I didn't call him back. I have read the posts above and he esentially said word for word what the others above have written. I'm glad I googled him! 1st - I've NEVER even been to TX and 2nd - I don't have a pay loan out there & 3rd 0 what SHERIFF calls? Sheriffs don't do collections...he must be reading off of a script b/c all of the posts I've read above about him have literally been word for word of what he left on my voice mail. Good things for websites like this one that people are able to warn others about things/SCAMMERS like this one!!!

17, Aug. 2012

I received the same call from Officer Ricky Clark from the Texas Sheriff's Dept. All the same stuff I read on this site is what he said to me EXACTLY! I asked all his information and then hung up on him to google this information and I thankfully came up with this site! When I hung up he called me back 5 times in a row! I am at work! He is messing with my job and yes it's scary to know that he has information on me that he shouldn't why won't law enforcement do anything? By the way the number he called from was 806-496-3429 not 3419 so he either changed it or has more than one line! I hope something happens to this guy its frustrating to be harassed at work!

justino iannelli
21, Aug. 2012

If anyone wants to help me track this man down please contact me he must be took down who knows what he is planning to do with the money he is stealing the fbi should look into this more im noticed they are very smart and stealing alot of money they could be trying to build bombs or anything stop him before he hurts america theif scammer

Mark M
27, Aug. 2012

I had the same thing happen today. But he claimed to be Sheriff Ricky Clark from Lamb County Texas. Claiming I didnt pay a payday loan back and i was going to be arrested and my disability assets frozen. He seems to have all my private info and im told he must have aquired it through a 3d party company to a payday loan site. I contacted the actual sheriff of lamb county and they know about the scam and they have turnd it into the FBI :) the phone number 806 496 3429 does match lamb county phone numbers. I have also notified the Inspector General about his threat of commiting fraud againt my social security.

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