Phone: 805-408-4238

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Ventura, California
Its exchange 408 is managed by SILVER STRAND ENTERPRISES, LLC
The number is currently on switch number GRDNCA0386T (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 23% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Ventura, John"
I Hate Telemarketers
11, Sep. 2013

Paging Dr. Scumbag. He wants to sell some type of garbage or c**p. Automated telemarketing spammer.

12, Sep. 2013

I would like to know number of employees working at this center. Am I being harassed? Have received many threating phone calls lately from 805 area code. Does this indivual for this Ventura Call Center?

4, Dec. 2013

"John" from the Shipping Dept calling to schedule delivery of medical alert system like the "I've fallen and can't get up" system. It has already been paid for, including shipping. Pressed "1" to schedule delivery and after an interval of music, "Stephanie" of Senior Citizen Medical Assistance Program answered. I told her it was against the law to call numbers on the No Call List, traced her ancestry and hung up.

4, Dec. 2013

"John" talked about the delivery of medical alert system per previous comments. Clearly a scam. Asked him several times to take my number off the list and he kept talking. Hung up. Best not to answer calls from this number, although they are persistent. I had several in one day.

4, Dec. 2013

Frequent calls daily, usually with total silence when answered. However, the recordings described by others here (re medical equipment) have come to me from other scam numbers. I currently keep a list of "do not pick up" numbers next to my phone, and at the moment it has nine entries. I typically add three or so new ones in a week. Let's demand that these nuisances be jailed.

4, Dec. 2013

Everyone needs to report these people to the FCC Gov. Go on line fill out a report. These Jerks need to be permanently stopped. Woke me up early morning. Very annoying

4, Dec. 2013

Calling repeatedly; as often as three times an hour. John, wants to schedule delivery of our 'free' medical alert system. We have been receiving these calls for two weeks now.

4, Dec. 2013

2nd time - same medic alert system. Talks forever till message space is all used up.

4, Dec. 2013

I do wish there was some way to make this bunch stop calling me. I've waited on the line and spoken with a human being on more than one occasion and asked to be removed from their call list. I've also explained that I'm on the national DNC registry. It seems to make no difference. Today, I filed on on-line complaint with the DNC registry in hopes that they would do something about it. If you have not registered a complaint with them about this phone number, please do so.

hopeless ?
4, Dec. 2013

i renew my number on the "do not call registry" , both state as well as federal . these calls keep coming , over and over again , from multiple area codes [ and nnx's ] . being on the do not call list proved fruitless on this individual dial-up company .

5, Dec. 2013

Have been getting these calls several times a week telling me they want to send me a midic alert "that I have already paid for". Of course I have not paid for anything and I suspect that if a continued the call that they would be sending me something that I did , in fact , not want or buy. Help stop these annoying calls.

12, Dec. 2013

John has Medic alert already paid for just like other comments. It's a recording. They have just started calling me in NH. They have been calling my Dad in NY for months now. He has terminal cancer and can barely pick up the phone. They are a******s. Please get them. My sister is supposed to be reporting them to BBB

13, Dec. 2013

I say it's time to do away with the national do not call list as well as the ones in individual states. I have received responses from them about phone calls I have reported by phone and regular mail. They say that often the calls are from overseas or they cannot track them. If they can't do that, then why should taxpayers pay for s department that services "do not call" list? BTW, whenever I put this in my complaint, that's when I either get a phone call or a letter from the agency.

14, Dec. 2013

They have called three days in a row and there isn't anyone there when I answer. I called back and they offer an option to opt out but I did not want to press any buttons. Very frustrating. We are a DNC registered number.

14, Dec. 2013

Call Received, call Blocked Also call your phone service provider and see of they can block this number.. file a complaint with them.

14, Dec. 2013

the next time they call i will be happy to give them the address they ask for ..but it will be the local police dept ..i will also give them the chef of police home telephone number .. LET HIM TAKE CARE OF THIS JERK!!

18, Dec. 2013

I keep getting these calls, but deleted the other numbers from my caller ID.

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