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10, Dec. 2015 Reply

called saying they wanted to send someone out to look at my house and electric service- sounded fishy

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10, Nov. 2015 Reply

It is really bothersome.

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5, Oct. 2015 Reply

caller id shows call came from Appleton,MN.

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16, Apr. 2014 Reply

STOP CALLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8, Apr. 2014 Reply

We received numerous recorded calls from this same company on our other phones which we reported to the registry. When you don't press 1 to speak to an operator, the call automatically disconnects. Very annoying and unwanted.

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7, Apr. 2014 Reply

Called landline, got answering machine, didnt leave message.

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25, Mar. 2014 Reply

they call and then hang up - several times a week.

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6, Feb. 2014 Reply

When calling the number back it falsely tried to represent itself as some big company.

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20, Sep. 2013 Reply

This info came up regarding the call that registered on my phone. I never answered the call, as I suspected this was one of those pesky calls and I don't answer any calls unless I know them I always suspect that the call is a sales call or a recorded message. I will not pick up a call. and I will only report. $1.29 Hot N Spicy - 2:29 pm

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1, Jan. 2013 Reply

they call all times of the day and when u answer they won't talk but have been informed verbally not to call.

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20, Oct. 2012 Reply

They call about 5 times a day from 2 different numbers.