805-219-6186 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services.
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "dont know, readers"
  • Around 25% of people reported it as "Scammer"
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9, Jan. 2014

Daily calls saying I've won something on my cell phone.

9, Jan. 2014

The male voice speaks clearly in English, even stammers a bit asking if I can hear him clearly because he's calling from the mainland. I answered I could and he went on as if he were a real person and we were having a real conversation. The phone call disconnected suddenly after I ignored what he was saying. My co-worker has been receiving these calls every few days or so. Same thing every call.

15, Jan. 2014

I kept getting calls from this number. Answered and the guy said he was calling on behalf of the publishers clearing house. He asked me if i had a Visa, Discover, or Mastercard. Said no he then asked if i had a debit card with the logo on it. I said i no longer had a bank account and when i said that he pretty much hurried up and got off the phone.

15, Jan. 2014

I've gotten at least 5 calls in the past three days from this number. they don't leave a message. I checked with an IT friend of mine and told him it wasn't even ringing on my phone, just going straight to voicemail. He said number had probably been blacklisted by phone company.

16, Jan. 2014

got calls from this number repeatedly. Asked for what credit card have. I hanged up on him, because it sounds fishy.

21, Jan. 2014

I started getting calls from this number today and my phone number is on the National Do Not Call Registry. I did not answer, but I tried calling the number back and recording says the number is not in service.

22, Jan. 2014

this number continues to blow my phone up with calls, never leaving a message. Whenever I do pick up they are looking for someone completely different so I tell them to stop calling.....they continue to call

22, Jan. 2014

this number continues to blow my phone up with calls, never leaving a message. Whenever I do pick up they are looking for someone completely different so I tell them to stop calling.....they continue to call

23, Jan. 2014

If you can give me a location of this caller I will go and take care of it for all of us!!!

7, Feb. 2014

Has called me five times in the past two days. I just want it to stop!

10, Feb. 2014

The number has been disconnected. He was reading from a script and when I said, stop reading from the script and get to the point he just kept on so I hung up on him. When I tried to call it back the other day to see where it rang to, it was disconnected

11, Feb. 2014

I listed an ad on Craigslist. Put my number in there, and now this is the result. How they can actually profit from this data mining of phone numbers is beyond me.

18, Feb. 2014

This number always calls during the at the same time.I do not answer the phone. This number calls my cell phone about ten times a week.This is a scam and somebody needs to do something about it.Blocking this number does not work. I have tried they have found away to call anyway.

18, Feb. 2014

called and didnt leave a message

24, Feb. 2014

Don't know who these people are, but they continually call my work phone, and in reading one of the articles above I noticed that Publisher's Clearing House was mentioned, and I did in fact give them my number when I signed up to win a prize, but I doubt they are calling to tell me I won something, and if it were the case they should leave a message, and not message from the 40 plus times they've called my work number.

25, Feb. 2014

numerous calls

28, Feb. 2014

Over the past couple days this number has been calling me, how the hell did they or he get my nu8mber

1, Mar. 2014

Calls every day and says nothing or does not leave a voice message I don't call back it maybe a scam

7, Mar. 2014

Calls every day, several times a day. The ID on my phone lists the name as READERS.

10, Mar. 2014

english was soo bad I could not tell what they were saying so hung up. Have called everyday for a week but this was the first time I answered.

12, Mar. 2014

does any one know if these people ever give up eventually if you never answer?

12, Mar. 2014

Not sure who this is that calls but says I won some magazines and ipod. Did'nt sound right to me so I called the phone company to have all numbers blocked accept for ones that I will accept. Would suggest if you continue to have a problem with scammers or telemarketers see if your phone company has this service. Does'nt cost anything through Century Link.

13, Mar. 2014

Sounds like a recording he says I won money he asksif I have credit card ,I say no,then he says youmust have a debit with a visa logo iI say no. He hangs up. I try to call the number back it won't connect. I really hope these people get caught!!!

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