Area Code 804

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Area code: 804
State: Virginia
Country: USA
23, Apr. 2018

They called claiming to be my insurance company without actually saying who they were. Then asked me for my zip code.

21, Apr. 2018

I should not have to be forced to listen to some recorded idiot who wants me to press this number or that number .

19, Apr. 2018

This company calls and leaves messages on a regular basis.

19, Apr. 2018

Called and hung up right away, no message.

18, Apr. 2018

I got a call from them today, stating that I owed money for a payday loan. I have never heard of this company nor the company I'm supposed to owe. They said that I owed $1600 with interest and fee and if I went to court they would add another 1000. But I could settle today for 700. The scary thing is they have ALOT of my personal information. Some thing needs to be done about them.

18, Apr. 2018

nothing intelligible on the message, lasts 2-3 seconds harsh sounds

18, Apr. 2018

SCAM!!! Says they are - Consumer Insurance Association - Wanted my information to save me money on my car insurance - If you ask where they are located and/or what state they are in they will hang up on you. If you don't give them your zip-code they will hang up on you.

18, Apr. 2018

We are sick and tired of the calls with nobody at the other end.

18, Apr. 2018

Recording said they hoped the next time they called they will be able to speak to me.

17, Apr. 2018

Their number is: 310 2741064

17, Apr. 2018

Wanted to warn me that my car warranty was about to expire

17, Apr. 2018

Also called friday May 30 730am then hangs up I just answer please stop calling me then hang up possible hacker

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