Area Code 804

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Area code: 804
State: Virginia
Country: USA
27, Apr. 2017

Says CSI. Junk, scam, them what you want. I won't repeat here what I call them! I blocked the number.

26, Apr. 2017

Called at 8:59 this am but did not leave a message.

26, Apr. 2017

I keep telling them that I am on the no call registry and please don't call again.

26, Apr. 2017

I pressed 2 when prompted to be taken off their list like I always do with these calls.

25, Apr. 2017

Let "Brooke" who calls from this number and several others I have called and gave them all her number to the police and FBI!!! Tired of the interruptiions!!

24, Apr. 2017

They want to know my address.

22, Apr. 2017

nother azzzhole

22, Apr. 2017

Automated messages which begins: "This is a public service announcement. You qualify for a reduction in your auto insurance rate.

21, Apr. 2017

get this call about 5-6 times a week

21, Apr. 2017

This is a business supply or services company of some type.

21, Apr. 2017

Today I tried to talk to them & the man that came on the phone told me they are going to keep trying to annoy the hell out of me.

in VA
20, Apr. 2017

Answered with my company name and this is a robo call, it sounds like a female but when the computer realizes you are answering with a company name it always disconnects. It is looking for you to say "yes" and get it on recording and then bill you later for something. This is why if you don't say you can hear her ok then she will switch to are you interested in finding a new job? If you are no, then she asks about furthering education? Any "yes" will be recorded and used later against you. It is a question tree programmed call.

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