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9, Mar. 2017

I received a call from this number today. I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize therefore I did not answer it. They also did not leave a message so I have no idea who it was or what they wanted. If I receive another call from this number and they again do not leave a message informing me what they are calling for I will then block them from calling again.

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22, Feb. 2017

collections. For school

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28, Dec. 2016

Harrases me daily about a debt that has been established two years ago over a student loan (I'm no longer in college) and is persistant that I make some type of payment, if not the payment in full ($7000 apparently) by two days or the college would take legal action. Never answered on what company he works for and could not send/show me a valid receipt of what I owe on the payment to the college

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8, Dec. 2016

The lady knew my first name and wanted a phone number for Laura. I gave a last name but it wasn't who she was looking for. She was polite and apologized for the call and then hung up. I won't answer any calls from this number or area again.

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21, Nov. 2016

They want some money that I don't have. Yep.

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31, Aug. 2016

This company knows way too much info about me from years ago. They called my current husband's cell number asking him about me, my phone number, exfamily members from past

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25, Aug. 2016

Received call from this number but I didn't answer as it is unknown to me.

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23, Aug. 2016

Asked for another member of my household by name; would not say why only that it was a personal matter. I took down the number for a callback, it didn't get any further than that. Beware

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27, Jul. 2016

Received multiple calls (recorded) from same number in the last 2-3 months.

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14, Jul. 2016

They continue calling after I told them to STOP.

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13, Jul. 2016

Called both my cell phone and my home #. Called me by name and asked me to call her back regarding (left me a string of numbers). Then states it's not a solicitation call. I have no dealings with anyone is South Carolina and if this was a legitimate business call I'm sure she'd leave a better message! I won't pick up for this number and just delete the messages!

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17, Jun. 2016

This number called me twice before, and asked me to verify my id. I would not, and I asked them why they are calling me. The first call came from a woman, the next from a man. They still call my number from time to time, no messages are left.

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2, Jun. 2016

Must be a debt collector for the Greenville hospital system. That's the only reason a SC number would call a zillion times and never ever leave a message.

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21, Apr. 2016

Caller never leaves a message.

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19, Apr. 2016

called left a 7 sec voicemail with just static

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8, Apr. 2016

Calls always originate in state of Nevada.

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31, Mar. 2016

Same old thing about credit interest and goes on to say it's final call I will receive but they continue and continue.

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4, Mar. 2016

previously called by this number.

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11, Nov. 2015

It's always the same company, different number.

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1, Oct. 2015

Williams & Fudge They appear to be debt collectors for educational institutions.

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30, Sep. 2015

Unable to ask them to stop as it is a recorded message asking for input about credit cards.

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27, May. 2015

Call was to my cell phone which has been on the DNC registry for years.

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17, Apr. 2015

Nobody is on the other end for me to find out which company it is, or to have myself removed from their call list.

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15, Apr. 2015

4/15/2015 at 1415 hours, received phone call from Rock Hill, South Carolina number 803-326-1405, male voice, slight southern accent, asking my name (was correct) and asking to verify the last 4 digits of my SSN, which he got wrong. Inquired his name, he stated "Jason Kimball", asked company, was told "Williams and _____" asked to repeat as was hard to understand, he stated if I was not the correct person he could not divulge the reason for the call, asked if this was a law firm or marketing or type of business, again he stated if I was not the correct person he could not divulge the nature of the call. I believe I've received a few calls from this number over the past few days, picked up this time. At 1443 called back the number above, same person answered, stated same name and company name of "Williams and Fuzz", gave my name and this time he asked to verify my birthdate (was incorrect), again asked what was the nature of the company, he stated "colleges and universities", was less polite and stated if I was the incorrect person then he has no reason to continue the conversation. Caller: Williams and Fuzz (???)

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14, Apr. 2015

It is a pre-recorded message saying I won a home security system or something along those lines.

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30, Mar. 2015

Did not stay on the line to hear the rest of the message - knew it wasn't something I wanted to listen to.

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14, Mar. 2015

I have been getting numerous calls from this number & would prefer not to receive these calls.

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10, Mar. 2015

Called me trying to find the number of a relative. said it was personal and couldn't tell me why. I suspect it is not about business as he said. I think this is an attempt by someone I never want to hear from to contact my relative..

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25, Feb. 2015

Telemarketer violating Do Not Call List.

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13, Feb. 2015

Mr.cooper keep calling using bag language.

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17, Dec. 2014

Calls everyday at 8am does not say anything and hangs up. a variant of this number calls also. No idea what its for but it is annoying.

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5, Dec. 2014

They hung up as soon as I told them I was on the DNC list

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20, Nov. 2014

robo-call with prerecorded message about gun control

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19, Nov. 2014

and is a travel website. *eyeroll

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6, Nov. 2014

DAILY CALLS!!! Internet search of this number shows numerous complaints. PLEASE CLOSE THEM DOWN.

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1, Oct. 2014

I literally just posted about how this number called & didn't leave a message. They are calling again as I type this.

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16, Sep. 2014

Did not answer, they did not leave a message.

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31, Aug. 2014


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15, Aug. 2014

I asked them not to call me again, but they hung up as I was telling them.

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15, Aug. 2014

Weller & Fudge (spelling) said they represented universities. Whatever that means

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23, Jul. 2014

What does registering on the no-call list provide???? We keep getting all types of calls. Please do SOMETHING to STOP this harassment!

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11, Jul. 2014

Repeated calls with a computer when you answer the phone. Call back gets no answer. Lookup shows number listed through Comporium Telephone Company in Rock Hill, SC. My phone is on do not call list and I want this to stop!

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11, Jun. 2014

This number has called me a few times. The moment I pickup, they hang up. I called the number back and was directed to enter my number. My number is registered with the national do not call registry.

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10, Jun. 2014

I believe a robo dialer is being used. Very annoying.

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30, May. 2014

This number has called my phone 4 times today and has not left any message.

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7, May. 2014

Want them to stop calling and remove us from their automatic calling program.

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22, Apr. 2014

Said owed Univ of Pittsburgh and needed personal information to be sure I was the correct person. Taking info to Post office.

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4, Mar. 2014

We have received several calls from these people. They call at all hours of the day and evening and the few times the phone has been picked up were very nasty at being told to stop calling. Have used foul language at times. This must stop short of us changing our phone number which we hope not to have to do. Help somebody out there!!!

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7, Nov. 2013

19 messages of a fax trying to be sent...frustrating

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22, Oct. 2013

they call every so often the phone rings once then stops i have no idea who they are at all

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11, Oct. 2013

When I answer the phone, the caller hangs up. No one is at the other end of the call.

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26, Sep. 2013

My federal student loan with Campus Partners was placed with these people after defaulting. I had no idea I even owed them money. They want the payment in full, along with employment and other information. They are debt collectors.