Area Code 801

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Area code: 801
State: Utah
Country: USA
27, Apr. 2017

I asked him to please not call me again.

25, Apr. 2017


25, Apr. 2017

Theyu ignore the national do not call list. Using a bogus number makes them even more suspicious!

21, Apr. 2017

The call requested that I return their call at 8778211658.

21, Apr. 2017

Automated call started with "This is not a solicitation call. Hi, I'm Lisa calling from Visa Mastercard. We have been monitoring your credit card history and want to congratulate you. You are qualified for a lower interest rate!". I selected "Yes I want to talk more about this" and was immediately transferred to a man with a middle eastern accent asking how much I owe on my visa card. I told him I don't owe anything, I pay my cards off when I get the bill. And why doesn't Visa automatically just change my rate, why do I have to talk to someone to decrease that. He asked why I called him if I don't owe any money, and I told him that HE called ME. Then he disconnected like a coward.

20, Apr. 2017

Called me several times while I was at work without leaving a message.

20, Apr. 2017

This number keeps coming from San Jose, CA and has called me multiple times.

19, Apr. 2017

Asked for a name similar to my wife's. Asked if we knew a Jared O'Brian. I said I didn't & she hung up.

18, Apr. 2017

Snakeoil salesmen pretendiing to help verify your business listing. Hang up dont waste your time with them, Google contracts reall 3rd party contractors to verify, if they ask for money then they are snake oil salesmen.

Pissed in Utah
18, Apr. 2017

This number keeps calling. If I answer they hang up and they haven't left a voice mail. Today they actually answered when I called back and said they were from Living Scriptures. They made some bull story about needing to verify my billing info. Living Scripture people are pushy sales people, but, these people ARE NOT FROM LIVING SCRIPTURE. They have illegally gotten information and are pretending to be them. I think they route the call through a local number so you answer, then hang up so you call back to see if it was someone you know. That way the charges go on your phone bill.

15, Apr. 2017

Consumer is on the DNC regsitry.

15, Apr. 2017

This company is still calling me, and you can pretty much look at the comments for any of my previous complaints for all of the details.

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