Area Code 801

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Area code: 801
State: Utah
Country: USA
23, Feb. 2018

Because I haven't been able to speak to a person, if this is about collections, I have not been able to request a cease and desist.

23, Feb. 2018

This firm keeps calling and there is never a live person or individual to speak with.

23, Feb. 2018

At that point I hunt up.

23, Feb. 2018

this number calls me 3x - 4x a day every other day since December 04, 2013.

22, Feb. 2018

She asked why and I said because she was a scam and then she cursed me out and said I could have just hung up instead of being nasty.

22, Feb. 2018

Texted on an ad on KSL (vehicle), saying that he would need to take work off to look, never asked for address, but asked for IAR and gave website. I provided CarFax and he went silent.

22, Feb. 2018

They call several times a day, even on holidays.

22, Feb. 2018

Voicemail left offering free Orlando vacation

22, Feb. 2018

Tired of getting calls from this number.

22, Feb. 2018

I told them that I do not give to any organization who calls via phone for any cause or reason.

22, Feb. 2018

New number (801) 396-8055 directed me to the to get an IAR report. When I suggested he get the report himself he said it wasn't his responsibility as the buyer (which in a private-party transaction it is). I then asked him if he knows Brian. He stopped texting me once I called him out on the scam.

22, Feb. 2018

I asked caller for the website so I could look into this further and he said he would send me a thank you letter, in advance, along with an envelope to mail contributions to. I am not giving my address out to random callers even if they do claim to be working for a good cause.

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