Area Code 787

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Area code: 787
State: Puerto Rico
Country: USA
21, Jul. 2018

Very rude gentleman during this call-told him I would report him to the FTC. He said repeatedly "who cares?, "who cares?.

21, Jul. 2018

It does give you the option of pressing a number on your phone to stop the calls but it does not work.

19, Jul. 2018

I have reported them to the government do not call registry numerous times.

19, Jul. 2018

called back to opt-out and stayed on the line to complain but all they do is hang up on me

17, Jul. 2018

I have asked if they can let me know who is calling or leave a message and they will not.

16, Jul. 2018

Consumer states that she is on the DNCR and has asked them to stop calling and they continue to call.

15, Jul. 2018

Mr Gary Leonard , im making you responsable for my panicstop and anxiety attacks .your telemarkerts were very rude , mr Leonard you will be responsable for my future health , and please stop ' juicing ' your penny value debts ....please contact me . I already wrote to the federal trade comision ....they know about your 3 companys .......bad people

11, Jul. 2018

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9, Jul. 2018

I Have Asked The Company To Stop Calling Us And To Remove Our Telephone Number Off The List.

9, Jul. 2018

If I ask to be removed from their call list they hang up without responding.

5, Jul. 2018

I asked them to stop calling us, but they continue to call and hang up.

2, Jul. 2018

I was called about a Sears bill of which i never went to sears for any purchases.

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