Area Code 786

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Area code: 786
State: Florida
Country: USA
23, May. 2017

Message was prerecord end no person to ask to stop the calls, have been receiving 3 pr 4 calls a day from them, it is very annoying.

23, May. 2017

I really really dislike these interruptions when I've registered my number.

23, May. 2017

I tried to return the call and ask to remove me from their list, but the call would not go through.I do not want calls from this phone number, please.

22, May. 2017

People from this company continue to call and tell me there is malware associated with my windows operating system.

22, May. 2017


22, May. 2017

The internet lists several complaints regarding this number - yet it persists.

22, May. 2017

Mystery caller with hidden Caller ID, left no voice message

22, May. 2017

This same person or group repeatedly calls my house and my dad's with a story about a faulty Windows operating system. When I ask for a Microsoft number, the last caller said "F* Off" was his number - and actually repeated it. While I am well aware that he is scamming me, my dad has been caught with this sob story at least once. What more can I do to stop these calls? The accent is always Indian, Pakistani - that region, in any case.

20, May. 2017

They threaten to have no responsibility unless I give them my credit card number to protect it and lower its interest rate.

20, May. 2017

I asked him how he got my number and he said I called him last night.

Miss Unique
19, May. 2017

Received call from this number and it was a recording about receiving a loan up to $1000 you have to hang up and call the number I did and a man with an accent answer without giving the name of the company so that was a red flag so I hung up.

19, May. 2017

This is an identity thief phishing for personal information. DO NOT ANSWER OR CALL BACK. If you do, they will flag you as an easy mark, and sell your contact information to other crooks and scammers.

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