Area Code 786

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Area code: 786
State: Florida
Country: USA
11, Aug. 2017

She says she guarantees her work she says it's a 99.9% success rate or money back guarantee well she was unsuccessful with me and she hasn't returned my money whatever you do don't give her any money she's a conn

9, Aug. 2017

Got the same voice message about irs and charges was left another number to call 941.357.7514 SCAM

9, Aug. 2017

706-765-0333 is the number the IRS scammer who called from 786-765-0314 gave me to call before I was arrested.

8, Aug. 2017

if kevin foster calls you About the IRS , . tell him to go Fuck himself its bull crap aint no IRS calling you they will send you mail , Hes just trying to get money off you

7, Aug. 2017

They are calling 10-15 times a day. I blocked them but it still rings once and hangs up on them. Harassment

3, Aug. 2017

refund amount. panda security

2, Aug. 2017

Caller stated that my car warranty was about to expire and that I needed to renew it today and that they could assist me with the payment of the warranty over the phone by providing me with three different warranty packages.. I told her "No thanks, scamming wasn't in the budget today; and politely hung up. You should do the same

1, Aug. 2017

They phoned at 9pm.and as well as the number, Florida came up. It was a recorded message, something to do with SnapChat which I don't use so must be a scam. I just cut them off. Very annoyng to be disturbed, especially in the evening.

31, Jul. 2017

Got a text in response to motorcycle add. Said he was in Florida, (FD not FL!) and wanted me to ship motorcycle to him from Alaska.. emphasis on paypal only as payment. changed shipping company twice in an hour when I said I would call to verify pickup and delivery information.

27, Jul. 2017

redemption certificate (scam).

26, Jul. 2017

It was an Arabian dude that spoke very ugly when I told him to take me off the list.

Sharon Fennell
23, Jul. 2017

He didn't call me on the phone.. This was someone that I met on fb, during one of our messages, Alessandro Carlos Filippo gave me his cell phone #, which is 786-254-6561 and asked for my phone # which is 8639529-1550.. I have been trying to research this man. He claims that he's from Naples Italy and lives in Miami, an Engineer who owns his own co. The only person that I found with that name was on tv news ex boxer doesn't look anything like the facebook page. His fb page, everything is blocked on it, no friends showed including me. I cut the situation off yesterday.

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