Phone: 786-300-4081

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Miami, Florida (300) exchange.
Around 58% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 36 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Jeremiah, didn't get it"
16, Mar. 2012

Said they were wanting to speak to my grandmother about saving her benefits for Social Security. Claimed they were an affiliate with AARP.Couldn't pronounce my grandmother's name correctly.

7, Apr. 2012

I asume it is a scam, it requests my name and information. No one on the line to talk to.

9, May. 2012

Had similar call about "saving" on insurance - might be same people. I don't live in Miami either!

17, May. 2012

I think this is a scam. I don't know who these people are except trying to get as much personal information as possible. they clai they are from my insurance company and if i give them information they can help me with insurance charges! NOT!

Ann Gree
7, Jun. 2012

These guys are an ultra-annoying collection agency. The operate illegally by harassing their targets. In my case, they often call twice a day. I don't even know the person they are trying to reach, but they don't care. They won't take my number out of the system. Scary and weird callers. Freaks and losers. I stayed calm for the first 50 calls. Now I yell and cuss.

1, Nov. 2012

BEWARE this number 7863004081, new thing scammers are doing is to post good reviews on the internet under number id to make you believe that they are honest and ok to work with. They will just keep calling you. Call your OWN insurance campany to verify they are suppling the company to help you before giving out any id information! NEVER give out your DATE OF BIRTH over the phone to anyone who calls you, no matter who they say they are. * NEVER give out your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER over the phone * NEVER give out your BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION over the phone they are looking for any info

1, Nov. 2012

Asked if I wanted to check if I could get lower rates for my health insurance. Already had my name and info. Asked if I made more than $1300 monthly. When I said yes they said I didn't qualify and that was that.

14, Nov. 2012

They have been calling me for about a year now. My caller ID shows the number and says Social SVC Coor I spoke to them once they had my SS# and my name. It sounded like a telemarketing call as I could heard many others on phones in the background. The said they could get the government to pay my Medicare premium if I was low income. They wanted me to send them proof of my income for the last 90 days and also want my bank account statement. I'm not buying this!

15, Nov. 2012

Same as the rest. Calls two times a day, bunch of people in the background! To tell you the the truth I think it is so scam company trying to grab what they can from Obama Care! Look for more of these in the future! I just put the number in my block list in my phone. This is now the 3rd one I have heard of but the first that has hit me up. I don't answer it ever when I see the call as my phone won't ring while the number is blocked!

16, Nov. 2012

Can not stop them from calling. Filed a complaint with the state. the state can not do any thing about these calls.

8, Dec. 2012

scam....scam...scam IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. Tell them they called in the middle of a homicide investigation and that all calls are being traced. They should give you their full name, home address and home telephone. Also tell them this call is being recorded.

8, Feb. 2013

This number calls me daily. I'm hoping the block number works on my phone. Trying today after looking this number on my web site. No message is ever left.

14, Feb. 2013

she called and pronounced the word healthcare as house care. I told her to send the brochure and I read it. I told her I will go back to SSS medicare who does not call me up and be bothering me because this # called me 3x already. Told her I don't like to discuss anything over the phone. I might be talking to a scammer. She hang up on me.

19, Mar. 2013

Said that they were with United Health Care, interested in saving me my Social Security Benefits. Surprise to surprise they need to verify some personal information. When I told them to reach me by mail and tried to hang up the man got very upset.

26, Apr. 2013

this # has called me twice now, onece yesterday and once today. I pick up, say hello, and I get nothing on the other end for about 5 seconds, then they hang up.

4, May. 2013

They keep calling me 2 to 3 times a day. Have no idea who it is .They never leave a message. Am tired of the calls. Must be a scam ??

16, May. 2013

many calls throughout the day as early as 8am. Icalled back no one there it just hangs up. Im gonna block this # if I Dont know who they r?

17, May. 2013

Told if low income they can take away my payments. I have papers from my State that will do the same thing. She knew my name, but wanted to verify my address. Told her I was not comfortable giving out any info. She said that is okay they have it on record. She gave me this number to call back if still interested 1-800-804-9707 Ext. #4520 gave name Page. She did know the name of my insurance supplement and said she was with them. Wonder how she knew that much?

7, Jun. 2013

It's a scam to collect data to sell to spam co's . I don't get mad, I try to make them mad. If female I ask if they shave or just trim their p***y, and if male I ask if they are answering my personals ad to suck off my dog. They always hang up. I made sure this was legal to do with the local police and was told as long as I didn't threaten anyone or claim to be a cop I can say anything I want to upset them

17, Aug. 2013

Calling nearly every day asking for the person who had my phone number before me (I've had it for seven months now). I finally answered their call after unknown numerous calls from them - told them to take my number off their call list - lasted about three weeks. Last time I answered I screamed at them - didn't seem to work because they're still calling. Ridiculous. The government can butt their noses into everyone's business except standing up for their own people. Stupid. The Do Not Call list is a joke.

25, Sep. 2013

Since last week I am getting calls from this number. The funny part is no one speaks and no recorded message. It just rings my cellphone, when I pick up, it stays blank, then the connection stops after the first 1 to 5 seconds. Do not know what to make of it.

14, Feb. 2014

this phone number has called me several times, i answer, and there is no response, OR they leave no message. scammers?

17, Feb. 2014

This # calls within the time frame of Obamacare's quest. They are most probably Acorn.

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