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13, Oct. 2017

He said he was in Miami, FL.

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5, May. 2017

I continually get unsolicited calls.

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16, May. 2016

An attempt at a call back produced this-phone number temporarily disconnected.

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20, Apr. 2016

You could really call this a success story if you were ever able to stop Receivables Performance from annoying so many customers.

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8, Apr. 2014

This was a text message. It asked us if we did call them earlier. If we did not, they said to reply with NO to be removed from their list. I have received similar text messages from other wireless numbers. I think this is a scam.

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6, May. 2013

this company has been calling me over 200 times, i have asked them not to, 3 times per day, call back the next day, hour apart, it needs to stop, i am on the DNC registry, there is a prerecorded message saying press 3 if i dont want to be contacted again, i do , it does not help.... I press 1 to speak with an agent and i advise to remove me and do not call again, problem continues... PLEASE HELP ME...

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22, Apr. 2013

They call every day on my cell & it is a recorded message!