Area Code 780

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Area code: 780
State: Alberta
Country: Canada
24, Sep. 2018

This compay calls daily about someone else's credit.

24, Sep. 2018

Called at 9 am this am, and almost every day at the say time and at 5 PM as well.

22, Sep. 2018

Called the number back (thinking it was business related) after I accidentaly disconnected.

20, Sep. 2018


20, Sep. 2018

I have had repeated calls from this company and I told them I did not want any magazines.

19, Sep. 2018

Same as above.. Left a voice mail saying if I don't call them back.. they would arrest me.... I did not call.. idk who they are..

19, Sep. 2018

conservative party - asked them not to call - they did not listen - guess that means they will never listen to constituents

19, Sep. 2018

This number called me yesterday and left a message saying there is a law suit against me and I do don’t call back I’m going to be arrested also they called me on another number too saying the same thing so becareful the number is 613 903 9289

19, Sep. 2018

Every time I get one of these calls, I attempt to ask one of their "representatives" to take me off their list but they hang up on me.

18, Sep. 2018

And when you try to call the number back it is not in existence.

18, Sep. 2018

Same here, Quebec. Today! Stop them please

17, Sep. 2018

I believe that I've asked to be taken off of their list as well as filed a complaint on this company before - within the past year.

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