Phone: 780-328-3746

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Edmonton, Alberta
Its exchange 328 is managed by GLOBILITY
The number is currently on switch number EDTNABXN1MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 45% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 33 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "V Tech, W.T.P."
7, Nov. 2013

Name showed as Factory Direct even tho the number isn't listed as any of theirs I could find.

19, Nov. 2013

Ignorant person.

3, Dec. 2013

Have received several calls from this number but when I answer, the person hangs up.

13, Feb. 2014

sounded all static, and someone was talking. it reminded me of a cassette tape getting eaten.

27, Feb. 2014

came up on view screen and W and D. Nothing found through reverse look-up with Telus

15, Mar. 2014

Did not answer, No message left. Came up as W and D on call display. Judging from comments here and other places, they claim to be many different things. More than likely some scamers. Use caution.

3, Apr. 2014

W and D on call display, female caller said that 'Windows and Doors' would be in the area installing.... that's when I told her to stop and then to remove my number. She kept talking, ignoring me, so I hung up and added the number to my auto hangup software. Everyone needs to hound CRTC to force the telephone companies to update their equipment to stop spoofed caller ID, nothing but that will stop spammers/con-artists/criminals from phoning.

15, Apr. 2014

Called, said hello, they said hello. I said hello and no reply. No one there, they hung up. WTF.

W and d
17, Apr. 2014

Said were installing window and doors in the area

19, Apr. 2014

when I said hello, they said Hello. I said hello a second time and they hung up. caller ID said W & D - sounded loud in the background.

21, Apr. 2014

came up as "W and D", didn't leave a message.

31, May. 2014

Been calling the house for the past month, I only picked up twice although there was numerous more calls. First time they called I mistakenly picked up the phone using another language, when I switched back to English they rudely hung up. Second time, the call was filled static. They asked to speak to someone whom I have never heard of before, so I politely told them "I think you guys have the wrong number again." to which they replied rudely "I'm asking, just answer me. Are you *****" I said "no" and they hung up again. I hope they don't call again.

14, Jun. 2014

We have been receiving calls from this number regularly, with the call display showing it as "W and D" - the most recent one on June 11, 2014. A few minutes ago, the same number was displayed under "Alberta". I picked up and said "hello" several times before someone with an accent finally came one asked to speak to Mr. "xxxx". I hung up. Only those unsolicited or junk calls ask to speak to us that way, and they never answer when you pick up, always respond only after a long pause and you've said "hello" several times. They've usually called in the early evenings, but this latest call was at 1:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon.

17, Jun. 2014

calls at all times. when I finally got a answer at their end they were rude after we asked not to be called anymore.

5, Jul. 2014

Displays as W Tech on my phone. Numerous, chronic, re-occurring calls. No voicemail left.

8, Jul. 2014

Displays as w Tech. Numerous re-occurring calls leaving no voicemail. When dialled back, I get a busy tone. So whoever it is - IT IS NOT APPRECIATED AND STOP IT !!!

10, Jul. 2014

Received multiple calls despite requesting to be removed from their call list, very rude and always the same 2 people a woman or a man with a slight accent. As others have stated when you say hello there is initially no response or sometimes they just hang up on me.

24, Jul. 2014

Received this call AGAIN and I am on the "DO NOT CALL LIST" Must be sacmmmers. Showed up as 'W tech" on caller ID. Would not trust and will block.

26, Jul. 2014

They keep calling me over and over again.. one time I answered the phone and they started asking about my windows, I said "not interested" and hung up and they have called about 5 times since then, and I don't answer.

Andrea Veilleux
28, Jul. 2014

Called Windows Pro - made an appt. with them, tried to cancel later and number was always busy. Not interested - said they made windows in Edmonton - this is a Calgary/Winnipeg company with a downtown weird office address. Why are they allowed to continue to harass people. Why is the no caller list not cancelling this call.

9, Aug. 2014

They call every few weeks and never answer when I say hello. I always thought it was someone pocket dialing our number as I can only hear people talking in the background. AND then they hang up.

21, Aug. 2014

My answering machine picks up the message and it sounds like the person is in a vehicle. It records for about 4 seconds and cuts off. Prior to the other day, the call display was W tech. It has now changed to Factory Pro. WTF

24, Sep. 2014

They have been calling me for months daily and its really becoming harassment! They are selling windows. I tell them I'm not interested yet they call the next day. Its most likely a call center located in some poor country. The voices sound Filipino and they are rude and hang-up when you tell them that they have called daily. If there in Edmonton please let me know where there located. I'll go and have some words with them directly and smash there phones!

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