Area Code 779

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Area code: 779
State: Illinois
Country: USA
23, Feb. 2018

Yeah I just got left a voicemail by this number. Saying in 24 hours I'd be arrested due to several illegal allegations against me by local cops. It did not specify just said to tell call back immediately and repeated the number twice. It was a record message that sounded like a knock off siri

21, Feb. 2018

They Call once or twice a day and hang up when answered

20, Feb. 2018

When asked about it, the caller knew he was calling the west coast.

19, Feb. 2018

Caller insisted she have her husband call immediately.

9, Feb. 2018

Advertised a truck sent me a text. Saying they were interested. I replied Ok what do you need to know? They responded with Im ok with condition and priced. Let me know your name and address will send a cert. check. I then asked what is your name and where will the check be drawn from. They responded they are in the military and cant come see the truck and would rather pay cash. SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM

8, Feb. 2018

It’s a scam

8, Feb. 2018

Called number back aftwr thwy called me at is a survey scam to get you to take a survey ans supposedly win a vacation but you have to gove them credit card info.

3, Feb. 2018

Didn't even listen, just hung up and I knew it was another junk call.

2, Feb. 2018

Robo call and left voice mail message about claim number (b)(6)

30, Jan. 2018

Once the answering machine picks up, they hang up.

26, Jan. 2018

They called back later & I told them I'm on the DNC & not to call back & they hung up again.

25, Jan. 2018

Phone calls continuing daily.

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