Area Code 779

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Area code: 779
State: Illinois
Country: USA
12, Dec. 2017

779-201-8311 called cell 11/17/17 12:10P

12, Dec. 2017

Collection agency for bank of America and they are very harassing

David G. Waddell
9, Dec. 2017

Left a message on my voicemail saying that I have legal actions pressed against me and to discuss my options to call back the number, the voice was automated so seems like a scam

9, Dec. 2017

They have been calling me everyday at around 6:30 PM for the last month.

6, Dec. 2017

Same as the rest got it on ny voice mail, used the words cop not police, threatened incareration within 24hrs. Ect ect. Think ill givevthem a call and see if i canr hurt their feelings.

5, Dec. 2017

Call came in at 1:27pm

4, Dec. 2017

This number called my house phone. No one responded to my Hello multiple times. I finally said to put me on their do not call list if they could not even identify himself or the company. He said alright and hung up.

2, Dec. 2017

Now they are getting nasty to us Thank you (b)(6)

1, Dec. 2017

I didn't push #1 and held on the line.

28, Nov. 2017

I explained that I cannot pick up my phone unless a family member is calling due to the obnoxious and unwanted sales calls I receive when I am working at home.

27, Nov. 2017

There are lots of complaints online about them calling.

25, Nov. 2017

Used valuable minutes of mine, and therefore cost me money.

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