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Phone number: 778-373-5011

is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

in the 373 exchange.

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He said he is from microsoft & says I have been downloading junk files & to go to my computer & he will show me. I do not download files., just read information only. PHONEY

Reported 8, Aug. 2012.

Repeated, three to four times per day, calls but does not leave a message. i have no idea who it is or what it is but this is harrassment.

Reported 20, Sep. 2012.

Has called me twice. Left no message. Something not right.

Reported 22, Sep. 2012.

Has called my homephone number but did not leave any message. 3~4 times a day. Definitely it is harrassment.

Reported 4, Oct. 2012.

Shouldn't the phone server have a responsibility to cancel this type of account or at least restrict usage. I never answer them but they are annoying. The only other way is DON'T ANSWER THIS NUMBER, put it on your NO list. I have 20 numbers on my NO list, so when they call again I just let it ring in silence.

Reported 23, Nov. 2012.

Very annoying..calls several times a day ..early morning dinner etc

Reported 20, Jan. 2013.

5 -6 calls from this number per day, but with a '91' prefix? I don't answer and they leave no message.

Reported 3, Feb. 2013.

Calls everyday around 7:00 p.m. Can't these guys be castrated at birth ?

Reported 8, Feb. 2013.

calling me more than once a day

Reported 13, Feb. 2013.

Calls me in the middle of the night and early mornings

Reported 16, Feb. 2013.

called did not leave a message

Reported 17, Feb. 2013.

she asked me if i or anyone who uses this phone were smokers, when i said no she closed the conversation, took 25 seconds total

Reported 21, Feb. 2013.

called a couple of times (around 6pm and 8pm), left no message.

Reported 21, Feb. 2013.

Called me more than three times. As well, the last time it happened, there was a 91 added to the front. It's kind of creepy to be honest.

Reported 22, Feb. 2013.

who is that and they knew my name.

Reported 14, Mar. 2013.

I didn't answer but this number called my work cell at 624pm and 854pm today...

Reported 15, Mar. 2013.

Didn't answer but they called @ 7:30

Reported 23, Apr. 2013.

Called at 7pm. Didn't leave a msg

Reported 16, May. 2013.

No idea who they are, I keep missing the calls while I'm at work. will continue to not answer.

Reported 11, Jul. 2013.
a woman

yes they called me yesterday, I asked her not to call again and delete my number from their list

Reported 13, Jul. 2013.

I just got this number on my cell, I never answer them but this time was not thinking and I did . Woman asked me how old I was and if I smoke. Weird or what? I'm gonna block the number .......who are these people?

Reported 19, Jul. 2013.

said it was a research company conducting a survey, the caller was unable to say who sponsored the survey, or why the survey was being conducted. fishy.

Reported 31, Jul. 2013.

Dude called and ask me if there were any smokers that use this phone, I said yes, but maybe I was lying, maybe I wasn't! F****r.

Reported 31, Jul. 2013.
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