Area Code 773

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Area code: 773
State: Illinois
Country: USA
18, Aug. 2017

Numbe called me and no answer

12, Aug. 2017

The first time he called me,he said"How's Work"? It was kinda sketchy so i just told him good,who are you lloking for? He said the person working with you,he never mentions any names he just ask sketchy questions,also after haging up on him about 5-6 times in different days he keeps asking me the same questions,in which i reply with joke answers,he even said to my question "who are you looking for?"he reply the owner of this number and i was like ??? dafu.... i had this phone for about @ months. He speaks spanish. But never tells me his name or who he is looking for.

12, Aug. 2017

Called me about a loan approved for 5k lol they are all either jack or steve or John, and yet they all have a indian accent

10, Aug. 2017

Constantly calling at least once a day, clearly not who they pretend to be on the caller id. I'd be pissed if these clowns were calling representing some woman's cancer organization. Gives them a bad name. Clearly a scam. Block by nomorobo so you know it is a big time scam call.

9, Aug. 2017

Calls daily, never leaves a message.

8, Aug. 2017

They text me about my girlfriend and how i should treat rightšŸ¤”

7, Aug. 2017

I have been selected to win a gift certificate worth $100.00 just answer some questions.

3, Aug. 2017

does anybody know who/what this is? They call but never leave a message. Seriously annoying.

3, Aug. 2017

Got a call from this number. Did not leave any voice mail though. Possibly spam.

28, Jul. 2017

They have two times today. I know it is a scam so I have blocked the number. People like this should be used as free manual laborers for the rest of their miserable lives.

27, Jul. 2017

asked for the lady of the house, by name which i replied she isn't here and they hung up.

25, Jul. 2017

Good guy

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