Area Code 773

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Area code: 773
State: Illinois
Country: USA
27, Apr. 2017

773-347-3663 I just got a text message from this number too! they asked me - -my paypal email to send me payment for an "item" I'm selling on ebay. -Provided the following email for photos and description? of this mysterious item I'm apparently selling on ebay: -when I asked where they got my number, they told me they got it off of ebay. It's a scam!!! DO NOT give them any of your information. Ebay/paypal has put things into place to ensure you don't need to communicate outside of their secure server with anyone. Payment, communication, and security is taken care of by ebay/paypal. if anyone us asking you to comunicate and/or send them anything outside of the ebay/paypal server, you can be sure they are trying to scam you!

27, Apr. 2017

These are SCAMMERS that should not call my number.

26, Apr. 2017

They also called at 4:17 p.m. on 9/29/15 and at 9:21 a.m., 12:22 p.m. and 3:57 p.m. on 9/28/15 Enough already!

26, Apr. 2017

I instructed that no more calls or mail from this source be received, but this was ignored.

25, Apr. 2017

I notified local authorities, but they were not interested!

25, Apr. 2017

I thought being on the Do Not Call list meant they had to heed this.

22, Apr. 2017

same recording, trying to sell a digital watch to people with medicaid.

22, Apr. 2017

Please start nailing these robo-callers and idiotic spammers.

20, Apr. 2017

Call and hang up. When I call back it goes to voice mail.

20, Apr. 2017

I am afraid to call that telephone #provided in case it is one of those scam long distance numbers.

20, Apr. 2017

Have pressed 2 several times over the past several months to no avail.

20, Apr. 2017

Today when they called again I was transferred to a live person.

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