Phone: 770-875-5246

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Atlanta, Georgia
Its exchange 875 is managed by METRO PCS, INC.
The number is currently on switch number ATLAGAMUDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
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Latest people reported the number as that of "Grandma Scam Caller"
11, Nov. 2011

the person called me from this number and exclaimed "Grandma is that you?!", I asked who it was to confirm which of my grand daughters it is. The person just said "Grandma it's me!", but this time I got a bit suspicious and demanded a name The person just hung up.. I'm in Texas and this is kind of strange

11, Nov. 2011

this is a popular scam called grandma scam the OP was right to ask for a name, this is the best way to weed out the scammers. this scam is becoming a real epidemic and people in all georgraphic location of the U.S are getting hit by these stupid scammers. Hopefully authorities do something soon about this

11, Nov. 2011

got a call from that number also, the person sounded nothing like my grandson, when I asked why he sounded so different he said "it's because I broke my nose".. I called my grandson's number just in case and found out it's a scam someone should arrest these people

Claude Hopkins
11, Jan. 2012

the person called my from this number and pretended to be my Grandson, he said he was stranded in Mexico and urgently needed money or he would get arrested. When I said asked him to wait because I wanted to call my daughter to see if she knew what to do, but he shouted not to call her and said that he's too embarassed. The thing is that he sounded kind of strange and when I asked him why he sounded like that he said it's because he was beaten by the cops and they broke his nose, then he urged me to go to the western union as soon as possible to send him 1100$. I went to the western union and the lady at the counter started to explain the forms which I need to fill up, I asked her if she had any official papers because it's going to be sent to a bail officer and she asked me what it was for. She told me that it's most probably and scam and asked me to see if I can call my Grandson. When he picked up the phone I realized that the whole thing was a sham, but I had to go to the hospital because I had Pelpitations and they kept me overnight. The next day when I came home the same person called me again, I told him I knew it was a scam and said that he should be ashamed of himself, I'm 82 years old and am a wolrd war 2 vet and I almost had a heart attack because of it. The person laughed and said "hope you die old man" and slammed the phone. I am still under a lot of shock, I have never encountered anything like this and hope it doesn't happen to someone else. I don't care about the money but the heartache was unbearable.

11, Jan. 2012

same as Claude the person called me and pretended to be my Grandson, freaking liars!!!!!

14, Apr. 2012

I'm in massachusetts and this number keeps calling my grandma trying to get her to send them money, they speak with a french canadian accent and expect my grandma to believe them

15, Apr. 2012

my Grandma is in washington state and she got a call from these scammers today!

15, Apr. 2012

michigan state here... looks like they're calling everyone! My grandma asked why "I" sounded so different and was told it's because of a cold

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